They had been watching her for a long time… watching and waiting for her to hit the right age when she would transform. She had lived among them for seventeen years neither they nor she any of the wiser but then changes began like a few extra organs grew in the wrong locations. And her pupils grew bigger, as well she had a natural mirror that reflected light back twice so she could she well in the dark like a cat. Her hair turned a beautiful metallic silver and her fingernails became sharp and long. When she got hurt she healed instantaneously her wound clot and skin grew over the injury.  Even more astounding was her increased intelligence she actually got 100% on every quiz, test, and assignment. It was time they could wait no longer or she would be caught the girl’s parents, friends, and teachers were already suspicious so they abducted her. She had knowledge of this world of the one species that was destroying their own planet including all of the other defenceless species around them. The guilty will get a rude awakening when they return to liberate both the planet and the other species alike. They won’t know what hit them.