SCARDY CAT – Chapter 3: SARA


A year after Linda and Jeff were married they decided to have one child and it was a baby girl they named Sara. It took Jeff considerable persuasion to get Linda to allow Sara to go to the public school instead of home school like she was forced to do. Being an only child Sara felt lonely especially since for the majority of the time her parents were working odd shifts or sleeping. She consistently asked for a pet for company and even expressed her strong trepidation of being alone (Eremophobia) so it wasn’t long before they broke down and agreed to get her a cat named Betty to keep her company. But over time Sara became severely scared of the cat (Ailurophobia) feeling like the feline was staring at her waiting for the chance to pounce and scratch her eyes out or worse smother (Pnigophobia) her when she slept, never to awake again. Sara was torn up as an internal debate stewed between loving and wanting the cat to fearing the poor feline but Sara’s fear won out and poor Betty was returned to the SPCA. Sara lost the only company she had.

Living in the same neighborhood for so long Sara knew many kids at school but she didn’t join any of the extra-curriculum clubs and didn’t have very good social skills maybe because she had no siblings to practice with. Instead Sara buried herself in her homework as a means of escaping the high school social hierarchy and loneliness and as a result she achieved high marks making her adamant to get all A’s. Then she became so freaked out every time there was a test (Testophobia) that she’d have panic attacks or faint which lead to her fear of going to school (Didaskaleinophobia). This fanatical behavior advanced to her becoming worried of failing everything and anything (Atychiphobia).

Illustrated by: Jason Hendrickson