Sara was so tired of being afraid of everything. It got to the point that when her parents went to work she crept back into the house and curled up in a ball on her bed and fell asleep. It wasn’t a peaceful sleep it was fretful slumber full of gory images, monsters, and loss of family members. At times the whole world went dark and at first she felt a sense of relief until panic swelled up inside her and she woke up profusely sweating and spewed in the garbage can. She didn’t want to be suicidal but just thinking about the subject was that a sign that she was? Now on top of everything she had to worry if she was suicidal! How could she tell her parents just how bad it had gotten? Sara didn’t want them to feel guilty or blame themselves she loved them so again how could she reach out for help? She couldn’t…

Finally at age fifteen Sara had a psychotic break. When her parents came home from work they found her curled up in the fetal position sucking her thumb. Linda turned white as she checked for a pulse and Jeff shook her. Her eyes fluttered open but the vacant glazed look said no-one was home. Her eyes swelled up with tears as Jeff called an ambulance whispering in the phone Linda didn’t care she held Sara in her arms rocking her and in a soft whisper telling her daughter she was safe now everything would be better. Linda blamed herself for not recognizing the signs since her own mother, Sara’s grandmother had mental illness and because as a nurse she should have known. And besides it finally dawned on her that the horrific accounts of work that both her and Jeff recanted at the dinner table damaged Sara beyond recognition. How could they be so stupid, so blind her unvoiced question silently acknowledged by Jeff when her pleading eyes looked up at him. He was shaking his head and slumped into the chair beside his daughter’s bed in defeat. As she was strapped onto the ambulance gurney Sara hysterically laughed alarmed about the number of phobias she had which ironically was called Phobophobia the fear of phobias, and she was horrified by the apparent possibility that she had gone insane (Maniaphobia). As they pumped drugs into her veins she finally found some peace from her fears as her brain overload subsided and the ambulance sped off to the mental institution. After her mother consulted with the psychiatrist and was told that it would be years if ever that Sara would recover, her mother had a mental breakdown unable to handle what had happen to her daughter and the part she had played in her downward spiral. She was taken to the same institution as her Sara. With his family fallen apart Sara’s father Jeff attempted suicide by slitting his wrists but a co-worker called when he didn’t show up to work and the ambulance attendance found him barely alive. While receiving medical treatment in the hospital his mental condition sunk into the black abyss and he was transferred to the same mental facility as his wife and daughter. Smiling secretly to himself at least he had made sure that they were all together again, and he would make certain that they always would be. The institution provided a safe environment where during the day they played board games, watched movies, and did crafts as well as eating three meals a day together lots of quality family time. They even had weekly family therapy sessions. White Lily Medical Center was their new home and none of them was in any hurry to leave.