Sara was disgusted and horrified by the thought of being raped (Virginitiphobia), or raped and murdered. Actually when she thought about it if she was raped wouldn’t she rather die than feel dirty and embarrassed by the life-changing ordeal? It was a tough call… Her mind raced what if she was kidnapped, raped, and tortured? It was unbearable to think about. You never knew who the offender could be. It was sometimes the most innocent looking guy that was the monster, a so-called father, friend or co-worker in disguise their dark persona hidden deeply until they make a mistake and get caught. She started to look at every man as being a possible criminal (Scelerophobia) so much so that Sara quickly became fearful of men (Hominophobia). It was then that Sara began to pick at her skin so much that she caused sores that bled and as they healed she’d open them up again and again or start a new one. It disgusted her but Sara’s fears had driven her to this point. She’d hid it from her parents by wearing long sleeves or light sweaters and despite it being summer they believed her feeble explanation that she had the chills. Her mother said maybe she was coming down with something.