Small accidents and illnesses were just small time according to her mother, it was when the gunshot or stab victims gushing blood arrived at the hospital that all hell broke loose. These stories terrified Sara the most and her imagination began to run rampant so she couldn’t help but think of all sorts of twisted scenarios. Finally Sara ensured she was home before sunset because besides of being afraid of the dark (Achluophobia) she was scared of a thug robbing her (Harpaxophobia) and either knifing (Sabresmittenophobia), shooting (Hoplophobia), or bludgeoning her to death. In fact all types of weapons petrified her so much so that she imaged ones that didn’t even exist. Her mother unconsciously mentioned one time at dinner about a teenage girl who was raped and beaten left for dead on the sidewalk and having to give the mortified girl a rape test. Sara’s eyes widened in terror at the possibility that it could be her one day. In fact a drug dealer that hung around the school bleachers and behind the school annex to sell drugs followed her when she was kept at school after dark tutoring a kid in the library. She could hear him clicking open and shut a switch blade and turned around to see sure enough the druggie’s knife reflected the street light. Sara ran all the way home all out of breath and more terrified than she had ever been. The next day at school a girl slipped something into her school bag. “Take care of him before he takes care of you” she growled in a low tone. Sara went into the girls’ washroom in a stall and pulled out a taser… a taser! That night after school she hung out inside until dark Sara knew he was there she could see him leaning under a light post the daft bastard and he stalked her as suspected but Sara let him get closer and closer until she turned around and zap! A loud crackle and the guy danced as strike by lighting and crumpled to the ground in a smoking heap, dead. “Oh shit! Sara said as she quickly walked.

Illustrated by: Jason Hendrickson