CH 4: ZZ

Jack saw the biker that was in the army truck with him and he asked if any of them knew what the hell was up. ZZ had huge bulging biceps, was bald with a red bandana, and wore a black leather vest with a red skull on it. He seemed to have a permanent scowl on his face that made Jack feel that the biker probably had a hair-trigger temper and would kill a person for any perceived slight. He was a one-percenter, a full patch member of a biker’s gang and had five tears under his left eye indicating at least five murders. A long thin scar across his cheek was evidence of one of his many battles. ZZ bragged about being in the bikers’ gang for fifteen years they were his family ever since he ran away from home. He was hitch-hiking off the highway late at night when a biker picked him up. ZZ said that he was shaking in his boots, thought he was going to shit his pants but the biker told him he could have the world by the balls if he joined the gang so he did. Of course ZZ confirmed that beer, drugs, and whores were always available in the gang and it was always easy to find a brawl or start one if they wanted to let off steam. Jack was on guard to see if Smokey and ZZ would clash and although they stared each other down neither one made a move against the other, yet.

Illustrated by: Jason Hendrickson