When the shock wore off, Jack asked a young boy beside him his name. “I’m Tim, I’m seventeen, I hacked corporate and government websites” the boy said in a cocky bravado but his eyes were as big as saucers. Of all things the kid was still in his pajamas, housecoat, and slippers the authorities had caught him in the act and arrested him not giving him time to change. Tim asked why he was in an adult jail when he was a minor which was a question no one could answer. When Jack asked the teen his criminal background he said he shoplifted a candy bar once, did some minor tagging, but mostly tried to break the security walls of companies he loved the challenge and figured he wasn’t really hurting anyone. He told them that he never stole money or products he just left the message “you’ve been hacked improve your security program”. Tim said he was an only child and his parents worked twelve-hour days so were barely home and he basically took care of himself. “My parents think I’m a pain in their ass so I don’t know if they’ll rush to come and get me this time” Tim smiled. When Jack asked him how many times he has been charged with a crime and he replied that it was about six to seven times, all small shit. Jack didn’t have the heart to tell the kid that there wasn’t going to be a bail out this time, this was the end of the road for him thanks to the new law. Fuck this new system the kid didn’t deserve to be there, where-ever there was but Jack had the sinking feeling that once you arrived at this destination you would never leave.

Illustrated by: Jason Hendrickson