ZZ had some fellow bikers that got to join them and amazingly they agreed to put aside club colors and start a new gang named the United Bikers of Hell with ZZ as the leader. And Smokey had some Blacks, Mexicans, Spanish, and Asians brothers that hooked up with their expanding eclectic group they called themselves The Peacekeepers which Smokey lead. Even the LGBT joined them for protection they called themselves the Pink Ladies and a gal named Sandy was voted their leader. The groups agreed to take care of the Bugs everyone had a soft spot for them they were like the cons children they were so vulnerable. Each new Bug got a Bug name like grasshopper, fly, spider only the original Bug was called Bug he was their leader. To unite the groups Jack was unanimously voted as the Overseer and they named him Merlin because it would take a magic touch to keep them all working together. The newcomers were educated about how things work and not to fuck with the SS-R at all just get out-of-the-way unless they had a death wish or they would disappear and since no one returned none of them had any idea of where they went but their guts told them that it wasn’t anywhere good. They had enough members that they could take shifts to protect their members, one person from each group except not a Bug.

 But Preacher’s gang also grew when several neo-nazi skin heads arrived and he finally got an edge as he scooped them up with his followers promising them the blood of blacks, Mexican, Asians, gays, and mongrels. It sickened Jack the prejudice, the hatred they exhibited just because of skin color but their numbers grew with the religious, French, KKK, and even some red-necks. They were waiting for an inevitable all-out war.