At the pet store Haley had seen it all in regards to people buying pets and supplies but of all the personas it was customers who demeaned their dogs by buying them clothes and others who got the in-store pet grooming service to give the poor pooch an obtuse hair cut or dye their dog outrageous colors that bugged her. Shiba Shepherd (coincidently both names of dog breeds) was a regular customer who came in and asked for both services and her dog looked like a clown. She was the typical blue-eyed dumb blonde trouncing through the pet store with her $850 pink dyed micro teacup Pekinese named Princess to buy the advertised high-end matching t-shirts for dogs and their owners. It was no big surprise that Shiba a true fashionista bought the pink t-shirts that spelled Princess in sequins and a fake diamond studded pink collar and leash to finish off the ensemble. It annoyed Haley to no end that Shiba a high-maintenance girl was oblivious to how stupid both she and her dog appeared to others some shook their head at the spectacle while other like-minded idiots cooed and coddled the pair. What Haley didn’t realize was that Princess was Shiba’s baby, her best BFF and the clothes and haircuts were her way of showering the dog with love and attention she wasn’t meaning to embarrass the animal. Haley knew the girl loved her pet but in her opinion she was treating Princess like a baby and in her view that was wrong and it could inadvertently hurt the dog.

Illustrated by: Jason Hendrickson


It was obvious that the silly girl had to pay but to what extent and how? She was in her early-twenties so a natural death would be hard to come by and adding to the difficulty she lived in a gated community with four-plexes, two up and two down and a police station was only a block away. There was no doubt that Haley would stay clear of her home abode but an idea came to her one day when a box of dog whistles was being recalled because they were so small they were a choking hazard to humans. Some idiot thought the miniature decorative whistles would be more attractive for female dog owners. Haley slipped a whistle in Shiba’s bag when she left the store and when she emptied out the contents at home and saw it she smiled when she realized that she got a free-bee. The packages’ instructions said to take a big breath in then blow and the dense girl sucked in so hard she swallowed the whistle and it got stuck in her windpipe. Princess wagged her tail and jumped around Shiba when the whistle blew and the poor girl tripped over the dog and fell forward smacking her nose into the granite counter top breaking it as she then fell onto the cold tile floor. Blood spurted out her nose making the situation even more detrimental as she clawed uselessly at her neck her mouth opened gasping for air that just didn’t come. After one minute without oxygen her brain cells began to die; after three minutes, serious brain damage was imminent; and after 10 minutes her brain cells died. After 15 minutes without oxygen recovery was impossible and Shiba had stopped moving so Princess trotted over to her dish for water then curled up on her fancy bed for the night. When she didn’t show up for work the next day and didn’t answer her phone her BFF dropped by to see her Shiba never locked her door. Her co-worker screamed and dialed 911 when she saw her friend’s pale blue body on the cold kitchen tile. When Detective Buck Dale arrived he immediately deduced it was an accident and as the Humane Society took Shiba’s dog to the shelter he took the vase full of roses home.  It was a terrible way to die choking to death, bloodied and bashed the beautiful girl wasn’t so pretty in death and the coroner had quite the job to fix her for viewing. Although her co-workers went to the service sadly her parents were on vacation in Spain and couldn’t or actually wouldn’t come home, the story of Shiba in life as well as in death. Haley talked her mother into adopting the dog Princess and they bleached her fur back to white and took her to work with them every day and she became the stores’ mascot.

Illustrated by: Jason Hendrickson (dog with whistle in mouth)


From the beginning Shiba was destined to be a spoiled and anti-social being an only child of high income parents who went on vacation four times a year without the poor girl making the excuse that it was their much needed time away. They had been taking vacations without her since she was 10 leaving her with her aunt and although she pretended she didn’t care Shiba was deeply hurt that her own parents didn’t want her company and that they didn’t care that she was missing out on experiences of a lifetime. Probably because of the guilt her parents felt they threw money at her like it grew on trees and although it meant that Shiba had all the trappings money could buy she didn’t have what she really needed the most which was her parents love and attention which she would’ve gladly given away a fair chunk of her possessions for, mind you not too much to be realistic about it because by after years of getting everything and anything it would have been a shock to Shiba’s system to downsize. Her unhealthy home environment led to the disconnect Shiba felt when she was around people making her appear standoffish to most the kids at school and by the time she had entered junior high her reputation preceded her. She went through the normal teenage phase of partying and drinking pretty quickly but she was unwilling to put out for the guys so Shiba got labelled as a Grade A tease. Because of her bad name she had a hard time making friends and her bitter demeanor only served to attract alpha females who were bitchy; it was a vicious cycle. After high school Shiba went to Beauty College to become a certified manicurist and quickly became a high maintenance fashionista, working at a high-end beauty salon charging $65 for a pedicure. It was the first time she fit in with other high-maintenance girls, they were all BFFs.