Detectives Buck Dale and Jack Nickels noticed a drastic drop in the body count and mused about their lack of any culprit being put in prison. Ellen and Sara had a fight to the death in the sanitarium and of the triplets one was killed and two were missing presumed dead so they were unusual cases. The one left that plagued them was the pet owner murders and although Haley was their prime suspect there wasn’t a single witness or a speck of proof to arrest her. With the triplets gone Haley had no enemies. Buck wondered if they’d ever catch her in the act or would she get away with it. There hadn’t been another murder for a few months and they had to wonder if she quit or was taking a break because she was worried that they were getting too close. The last thing the detectives wanted her to do was disappear because they’d never get her, she’d literally get away with murder.

They tried a sting operation having an undercover cop buy a poisonous frog but Haley was very helpful and was adamant to tell her the dangers and how to properly handle the reptile, in other words the girl was on to them. Buck came up with another idea but under no circumstance was he going to involve his partner Jack in his plans this was something Buck had to do alone. After researching threatening reptiles Buck learned that a rare one centimeter long Phantasmal dart frog, red with three greenish fluorescent stripes had poisonous skin two-hundred times more toxic than morphine. Just one drop would kill you within three minutes and there was no cure. The tricky part was how would Buck get one since it was found in only seven small areas in the Ecuador mountains and an aquarium bred them in the U.K. But like many endangered animals there was always someone in the United States that sold them on the black market and being a detective Buck tracked down a shop in Chinatown in New York City and they mailed it out to him to a Calgary Chinatown business where he picked it up in disguise. The tricky part was how to get the frog to Haley without harming anyone else.  He decided to package it addressed to Haley and put it on her doorstep when her mother was out. She peered around then took it in and unwrapped it. Before she thought about it she put her hand into the small box and felt a slimy creature quickly pulling her hand back but curiosity made her feel around again and the poison entered her blood stream through a small paper cut and made its way to her lungs causing her breathing to stop and she died of anoxic brain injury. She was luckier than her victims in that the poison numbed her body and she had paralysis. Afterwards Buck very carefully crushed the frog with a hammer making sure it was dead and burned it in his barbecue at home because he learned the reptiles skin remained poisonous up to a year after it was dead.

Buck and Jack were called to the scene of Haley’s death and it was recorded as unknown. The two detectives talked about all the young teenage girls and their psychotic behavior. They had learnt that Ellen and Sara had a history of it in their families but what about the triplets and Haley? Was it something in the water or just a freaky anomaly? One thing for sure the serial murders had stopped and they just had to deal with the gang hits, jilted lovers, and robberies turned bad, despite their success there was always murder sadly it was a human trait.