Carlos was fuming at Farrah’s ignorance and stubbornness it cost her the lives of her sisters. For that he wanted her death to be painful and lasting so he decided on torturing her first. He would have each of his crew deal out punishment as he watched but he would dispense the final blow. They kidnapped Farrah and drove to an abandon warehouse. At first Donna Drown “water-boarded” her and Farrah thrashed around like a fish out of water; when it was finished Farrah cried and gasped for air. Then Kenny knives stabbed her several times in the gut causing lots of bleeding but not enough for death. The girl screamed for mercy but Carlos told her she didn’t deserve any because she let her sisters die. Bulls-eye Benny shot her in the foot and both her hands with a silencer. Shaun the strangler choked her until she passed out then brought her back several times. Toxic Tom poisoned her, the cramps were excruciating and she was throwing up. Trevor the Torch set her on fire and only put it out when she was on the verge of death with 3rd degree burns. The final act was Carlos and looking at her bloody, charred body only one thing came to mind. They drove to the Canadian Rockies and after Carlos tore out her esophagus so she couldn’t scream, not that she could he carried her to a field of berries where bears frequented and lay her down. Farrah was barely conscious but Carlos whispered in her ear that she was responsible for her sister’s death and he wanted her to experience the pain and terror that they did before they died. “A bear will be by soon I’m sure good-bye Farrah” Carlos sighed feeling a twinge of regret. If only the girl had been smarter and kept her end of the bargain. Actually if only she hadn’t approached the door of Trigger Happy in the first place.

The detectives knew the sisters were history even though two bodies were missing they figured they would never be found, And in regards to who did it that would also remain a mystery. Although they felt sorry for the triplets they also had suspected the girls were responsible for murders themselves and this somehow was payback.