CHAPTER 43: Candy’s Contribution

It was just as easy to plan Paige’s murder. First Carlos took one-on-one private art classes from Candy at her art gallery, they started dating, and then Carlos moved in with her. Candy stopped going to her support group Nympho Naught because she had fallen in love with Carlos and surprisingly he fell for her too. He hadn’t meant to it wasn’t part of the plan; he was only supposed to date her that was it. The topic of Mandy’s death came up and before Carlos could stop himself he told her all about Trigger Happy, the murders the triplets did, and the true cause of Mandy’s death. Nervously he told her about his plan to use her to kill Paige but it went askew when he fell in love with her, he figured he’d just get one of his crew to do it. A small smile crossed her face when she told him she was sorry that the girls didn’t uphold their end of the bargain. She revealed that she may have been responsible for a few deaths herself, guys who hit her or played too rough. Carlos face lit up when he realized that they were two of a kind, no secrets. Candy knew the girls trusted her so wouldn’t expect an attack to come from her but how would she get Paige alone without Farrah they were always together especially since Mandy’s murder they were on high alert. Together they talked about the method but it was obvious since Paige did sculptures. One night after class Candy asked Paige to stay behind and help her fire some clay pots in the kiln and promised Farrah she’d drive the girl home. The gallery was deserted except for the two women and no-one heard Paige’s cry when Candy hit her over the head with a bust knocking her out. The kiln was huge so no sooner had she warmed it up to 2,000 Fahrenheit just like the witch in Hansel and Gretel with Carlos help they shoved Paige’s unconscious body into the oven and it disintegrated her bones so there wasn’t anything left.

Candy did feel a little guilty because she liked the girl’s but Carlos eased her pain by making love to her. He got one of his crew to dump Paige’s purse out on her doorstep so it would be found and detectives would assume foul-play. When the detectives questioned her Candy told them she did drive the girl home but didn’t wait to see her walk in the door and since there were no witnesses to confirm or deny her claim they had no proof that she did anything bad. Even Farrah believed Candy was innocent and that Carlos had gotten to her sister somehow. There was no funeral for Paige she was officially considered missing and legally it would be seven years before she would be declared dead. Farrah told her mother that both her sisters had been murdered and she would be too in a few days but didn’t give the distraught woman any details. She just didn’t want her mother to expect Paige to show up and she wasn’t sure if her mother would have a body to bury once Carlos was done with her.