CHAPTER 42: Bertha’s Revenge

When Carlos called on the triplets to do some hits for Trigger Happy as agreed for training them for free Farrah laughed in his face. She told him that they were too busy and Haley was their next target. It was stupid to piss off a hit man and make him lose face in front of his crew; Farrah should have known better but she had blinders on with only one goal, to kill Haley. Carlos knew the girl had a strong personality but she had the misconception that Carlos was no-one important and she didn’t fear him still he gave her one more warning and for his charity the witch flipped her hair at him and walked out of the office sealing not only her fate but her sisters as well.

Carlos was no dummy he knew every single person that went to support groups in the building and he knew the perfect person to kill Mandy who had bulimia and went to the eating disorders meetings. Carlos invited Bertha to his office and made her a proposition knowing the triplets Mandy in particular ridiculed her every week. He told her the true purpose of Trigger Happy and offered her half a million dollars plus to pay for all her weight loss operations and procedures. The hit man explained he had a small pill that would make Mandy swell up like a balloon and kill her. At first Bertha was horrified by his revelations and what he asked of her but then slowly it sunk in what he offered her. He expressed that his men could easily do it themselves but he wanted to give Bertha an opportunity to get revenge on a mean girl and help herself. Carlos told her that the girl would die one way or another and if they did it her death would be lengthy and painful. He gave her the small toxic pill and told her that at next week’s meeting to slip it in her beverage, that she had the one shot only. Bertha struggled with the decision all week-long and she took the pill with her just in case but not expecting to use it. In the hallway as the two groups passed by Bertha smiled and said hello to Mandy who called her a disgusting, smelly fat pig who didn’t deserve to live and Mandy shoved her. That tipped Bertha over the edge and she dropped the pill in the girls open can of pop as she pretended to grab Mandy so she wouldn’t fall. Mandy shouted even more obscenities wiping away any feelings of guilt that she would have had. Just as their meeting started they heard screams outside and looking out of the window they saw Mandy screaming on the sidewalk her skin puffed up until she was the size of Bertha but it didn’t stop there. Mandy’s skin was stretched so tight she split open the tissue underneath visible and she died in excruciating pain before the ambulance even arrived. A few of the women threw up at the sight. Bertha quit the support group when she had become 115 lbs; she quit the restaurant, and became a nutritionist. Within the year Bertha changed her name to Tiffany and she got a boyfriend who proposed to her. She heeded Carols warning and never told another soul what she did knowing she’d be murdered if she did. She never gained more than five pounds for the rest of her life.

At Mandy’s funeral Carlos stood out of sight but Farrah saw him. He held up one finger then left. Not that she needed to see the hit man to know it was him.  She went to his office the next day to try to smooth things over but lost it and scream at him pummeling him with her fists so security had to escort her out of the building. Detective Buck Dale and Jack Nickels had no idea who killed Mandy or why. They heard about Farrah freaking out at a building but didn’t see any connection and when they questioned her she refused to talk. Buck knew the girls had murdered some people although he couldn’t prove it but it was obvious that someone else knew too and was getting payback.