CH 41: Absence of Color

When Daisy heard about Ellen and Sara’s murderous brawl and subsequent deaths at the hospital she was shocked it was the only time Jay could think of that he saw her frown and her bottom lip quivered. Jay had told her about it because he knew that Daisy refused to watch the news or buy a newspaper but seeing the distress he caused her Jay felt sorry that he said anything and then suddenly he realized the secret of Daisy’s’ cheerfulness. She didn’t let the world’s problem affect her because Daisy wouldn’t let the world in. Some would say that she was naive and should have kept up to date on world events because it affected everyone. But Daisy told Jay that night that she didn’t want to hear about human’s atrocities against each other or she’d shatter never to be whole again and really why submit herself to the dark underbelly of society which was 98% of what news reported. As far as it affecting her Daisy believed if a bomb was dropped or someone shot up a movie theater she was in she’d rather not know in advance because she wasn’t going to remain fearful housebound all her life and what happens is bound to happen. She really did live one day at a time in regards to her daily routine.

They had finally met each other’s families and it was one big love fest. Daisy’s sister and father were thrilled that Daisy was moving in with a handsome young cop the epitome of safety and Jay’s family loved Daisy’s contagious joy and the positive affect it had on the melancholy cop. Jay loved her so much that they were moving in together this upcoming weekend and Red was helping the blissful couple. Red was a little jealous of what they had but so happy for Jay  the three of them had become the three amigos and it wasn’t so surprising that Red was falling in love with her too. Daisy loved hanging out with the boys cuddling on the couch with Jay watching sports, Red sitting in the Lazy boy chair but every so often they caved in and watched a movie with her. She made sure to choose crime or action movies to retain their interest and keep their complaints to a minimum and surprisingly the guys actually really liked her choices in movies so far! Red kept his feelings to himself and his friends blindly kept trying to set him up on dates with tellers from Daisy’s bank or female cops from Jays’ office and the odd time to appease them he’d go on a date that was so tense it ended up in disaster. To add to Red’s melancholy Jay showed him an engagement ring that he already bought in anticipation of asking Daisy to marry at a special dinner they were having on Friday night after Daisy was off of work. They had reservations at a quaint Italian restaurant known for their delicious food and Jay joked with Daisy that they’d share the spaghetti like in the Walt Disney movie Lady and the Tramp but he wasn’t sure if he could bring himself to give her the last meatball. When Daisy said she’d arm wrestle him for it they both broke out laughing. Daisy was certainly the most important person in his life and she made Jay happier than he had ever been especially now that he had let go of his fear like Red harped on him to do. Red was thrilled for his two friends but a small part of Red envied what they had together and wished he would meet a girl as special as Daisy. Jay saw her first and told Red that he was going to ask her out as soon as he got enough courage and although Red had a crush on Daisy the minute he saw her he didn’t want to ruin their friendship over a girl so he did what any good friend would do he stepped back. Red chuckled to himself thinking about the childish notion of who saw the girl first, but it was kind of true.

When Red went into the bank Daisy wore a bright outfit as she did every time he saw her, a pale yellow blouse, bright yellow vest, and although he couldn’t see her bottom half he was certain it was, oh I don’t know, yellow. Even her name Daisy reflected her sunny disposition making him smile at the irony of it. She took her time serving Red and tried to pry out of him Jay’s big secret for tonight but he was in a daze day-dreaming about her being his when two men in black ski masks burst through the front door screaming for everyone to hit the floor and waving pistols around. Customers screamed as they duck for cover but as he fell to the ground Red immediately worried about poor Daisy. He peeked up to see one of them shove a gun in Daisies’ face; she was so scared her hands trembled trying to give the robber the money in her tray but the other guy told him to forget it, that the big bucks were in the safe. They made all the tellers come from behind the counter and lay down on the floor with the terrified customers. Daisy lay so close to Red he could smell her flowery perfume; and he vaguely thought that she probably smelt smoke on him, a hazard of the trade. He caught her eye and flashed her the best smile he could under the circumstances, and amazingly as scared as she was Daisy smiled back. In his heart he knew he had to protect her, his friend, his dream girl. Just at that moment all heads turned when the noise of the front door opening caught everyone’s attention and in walked a women. The lead criminal yelled at his partner for forgetting to lock the front door, and as Angel screamed taking a few steps back the idiot panicked raised his gun and fired several times. Red only saw a blur of movement and the next thing he knew Daisy was gone and lying in a pool of her own blood only a foot away. Angel was crying, holding Daisy in her arms, calling her name. Police sirens wailed, in the chaos someone had pushed the alarm, and the two would be robbers bolted out the back exit empty handed. Red heard shots being fired outside, the police had killed one robber and the other gave up, Leif Green but Red ignored it and had slid across the floor to the two women. Officer Jay Jennings had heard the code 10-132 bank robbery and the address, and he sped to the scene, his stomach churned hoping Daisy was alright. Immediately crushing sorrow fell across his face, he felt as if he had been punched in the stomach, winded. There lay Daisy who had never harmed a soul, who was trusting and cheerful to everyone, why her of all people? She was being cradled by Angel who was crying her heart out. Tears quietly trickled down Jay’s cheek as he fell to his knees beside Daisy and held her pale hand. Red was on the floor with the women the grief apparent on his face. Despite knowing by the look of the gunshot wounds she wouldn’t make it Jay wished she would. They were supposed to start of a whole life together it just couldn’t end like this! Through tearful eyes Angel White prayed in the minute or two her sister had left. Jay whispered in her ear that he loved her just as Daisy’s bright yellow, sunny world faded out to evil black, the absence of color.

Detectives Buck Dale nor Jack Nickels didn’t get the bank robbery case it was open and closed. They had seen Daisy every Friday when she dropped by the police station to have lunch with Jay and she always graciously brought baking goods enough for everyone and although she admitted they were store bought the men appreciated the treats all the same and were impressed by her unbashful honesty. They all liked the girl and had heard about her enough from Jay to know how much he loved her and everyone in the office knew that they were moving in together this weekend and he was proposing tonight so when news of this afternoons bank robbery and Daisy’s death spread the station was very somber. Buck saw some hard core cops brush a tear away him included and he heard that Jay was taking family leave off. Most the cops, bank employees, and even some regular customers of hers went to Daisy’s funeral and it was a miserable rainy day but as she was lowered into the ground the sun peaked out as if to say Daisy found a new home but Jay would never be happy and he swore he would never open up his heart to love again.