CH 39: Ellen’s Blood-line

Even her sister Courtney was finally freaked out and she was ready to move into the fortress. Her boyfriend dumped her when he found out the family history, he thought their family was cursed or had extremely bad luck but either way he wanted no part of it he wanted to live past thirty. Courtney was especially afraid when Ellen came by with the police and social services asking if she’d take her in. She refused coming up with all the excuses that she could and Ellen gave her a hug and kiss on the cheek telling her it was o.k. that she understood as she was being led off to a foster home. Unfortunately it was too little too late and Courtney felt the full force of Ellen’s wrath when she sustained numerous fractures and internal injuries from her twelfth floor plunge out of her apartment window. Courtney was on a respirator and wasn’t expected to make it through the night. Lauren felt she was going to lose it. The complete lack of conscious and purely brutal actions of Ellen made her physically and mentally ill. She cried for the dead for their painful demise until she had no more tears to cry. Lauren could imagine her sister Courtney’s fear as Ellen slammed her so hard against her apartment window it shattered and what must have flashed through her mind as she was free-falling. And then there was one….

The deaths went back long before Ellen’s own generation. Her grandparents had died when they fell into a well on the farm with their three boys and one daughter. Another questionable incident occurred when her Uncle Leonard and his then girlfriend Wendy were forbidden to marry at a young age Wendy’s parents Nicholas and Samantha were trampled underfoot by horses on their farm when someone left the paddock gate open and the horses were spooked. So both sets of Ellen’s grandparents died in unusual ways before Ellen was even born.

Actually it made Aunt Lauren question every death in the family, Lauren’s brother Glen’s 1st wife died in a boating accident on a nice sunny day on a calm lake. And then there was her brother Rick’s common-law girlfriend and their two boys who died in a house fire. Rick was conveniently out at the bar with his buddies and he crashed on his friend’s couch. Lauren knew Rick had started screwing around on his wife one night stands at first then he fell for a beautiful down to earth woman and suddenly he wanted to start over. Rick collected house insurance for the fire and three life insurance policies and he remarried a woman named Brenda. Even her sister Courtney seemed guilty of an unfathomable act. She got pregnant when she was seventeen and the bastard of a father refused to have anything to do with her so she went on welfare and lived in a mold ridden, rat infested boarding house with barely enough money to feed her baby boy who so resembled the prick who got her knocked up that Courtney resented and even hate him. One morning she woke up and the baby was dead it was at a time that crib death was not uncommon. She had taken out life insurance on the child a month ago but no-one questioned the grieving mother.

On Wendy’s side her sister Janice lost three husbands one to being hit by a bus, one fell into a manhole, and one to a hunting accident. It was very suspicious that the woman was present on all three occasions but police really felt they were all accidents. Wendy’s sister Shelley had a lesbian lover when she was young who hung herself when she got the girl drunk, had sex with her, and secretly video-taped it to later blackmail her with. Her brother Graham the cop didn’t have any dead ex-wives or children but he did have bad luck with his pets. As a child their family pets met unfortunate ends and as an adult all of his animals either ran away, were badly injured, or found dead.

The slow realization that her own family and the in-laws were all a bunch of murdering psychos collecting money from the wills and leaving a trail of mutilated corpses behind made Lauren want to hurl no wonder why Ellen turned out to be a psychotic killing machine it was in her blood. Then suddenly Lauren began to shake as a deeply buried memory came rushing to the surface of her mind. What about the time that Lauren’s great-grandparents died when she went camping with them. The block holding the camper in place “slipped” and the camper rolled down hill over the edge into a steep canyon where it exploded on impact. A vision of her standing in the rain holding the blocks in her hands peering over the edge slammed into her like a mac truck. “No not me too, she screamed in her mind tears streaming down her cheek, not me too!” What about the one boyfriend she had in high school… he died of an over-dose or her best friend that was hit by a train when crossing the tracks and her foot got stuck. It was more than Lauren could bear.

Detective Buck Dale, her lawyer a young gay man named Nick (Detective Jack Nickels brother), and a major newspaper got an old-fashioned letter in the mail and an e-mail from Lauren. The letter explained Lauren’s family’s murderous history. Then she turned off the electric fence, locked the dogs away in their kennels and lowered the bridge around her fortress inviting the devil herself in. “I deserve to die like all my clan” she thought sadly, so many died, so many…. Ellen was so blinded by her greed to get the five million inheritance money she didn’t hesitate to storm the castle. She didn’t realize that all Lauren’s exterior and interior cameras recorded her crime and would be viewed by many to put her in jail as one of the youngest female serial killers of all time. Ellen shot Lauren once in the head a boring, unimaginable murder Lauren was thankful for because it was painless and instantaneous. The girl wrote a suicide note not realizing the futility of it. Ellen thought she had gotten off scot- free because she had gotten away with it for so long over and over again Ellen felt invincible but she wasn’t.

When Buck arrested her Ellen wasn’t smiling and to add the final nail in her coffin he told her about what Sara did to Toxic and although he did enjoyed her anguish it was the first time he ever saw any emotion from the teenager as she silently cried. “Ellen you murdered your entire family and hadn’t shed one tear for them so it is justice that it had this happened to you” Buck said quietly. There was a tiny tinge of pity for the girl and her whole family. From Lauren’s letter it described three generations of psychos but how far back did the psychotic blood line first start? What did it matter the family killed each other off into extinction and maybe that was a good thing.