All these dark events devastated Lauren so once more she tried to reason with the two siblings she had left but despite all that happened they thought it was ravings of a lunatic even though the latest massacre had shaken them to the very core. Silence filled the room, they were obviously traumatized and yet again Lauren was viewed as the crazy one. The harder she tried to persuade them it was true the crazier it made her look and the more adamantly they denied what was obvious because it was too horrendous to even fathom. Her brother Rick and wife Brenda became guardians for Ellen. Lauren’s emails, phone calls, and house visits were met with silence or hostility until finally she received a restraining order which drained all the energy out of her. She felt powerless to help them but she was also pissed that they didn’t listen to her! To be fair though what could she expect it had taken Lauren quite a while to believe it who would?

Although the couple didn’t have kids they did have two cute Pugs and an orange tabby cat. Lauren was morbidly curious what Ellen had cooked up for them even she must be running out of creative ways to kill. At first Lauren wondered if the pets would be spared but with Ellen true to form she wiped them all out. Ellen never disappointed when she let the neighbors three pit bulls free in their backyard while they were having a barbecue. The dogs tore the pugs throat out and ripped the cat to shreds as Rick desperately tugged on the locked back sliding door, his wife Brenda screeching at Ellen to open the dam door but she stood inside with a smirk on her face and silently shook her head no. Rick’s face fell knowing how wrong he was about this devil spawn wishing he had listened to his sister but it was too late. He threw his body over Brenda in an effort to protect her but the dogs pulled him away from her and chomped away on both of them like junkyard dogs chewing on a tire. They finished the couple of as they clamped down on their wind pipe all while Ellen was safely locked inside, calling 911 of course. The body count was now 12 adults, 3 children, a cat, and two dogs Lauren felt numb. And then there were two…

Illustrated by: Jason Hendrickson


The detectives still felt sick from the big cat “accident” and the latest incident with the pit bulls although tragic was no way near as disturbing as the previous one. How terrible to think in terms of which was worse but both Buck and Jack couldn’t help thinking and discussing about Ellen’s escapades. They knew they better do something quick because there were only two relatives left.