CH 33: Big Cats

Ellen couldn’t believe Sara’s stupidity and she felt that if Sara got caught she could possibly squeal on her about her part in the fire and giving Sara a Taser.  For now they dodged a bullet but Ellen had to move along she let her relationship with Sara and Toxic put her behind schedule but there was no question that Ellen had something special planned for the remainder of relatives.

It seemed as if the murders gradually became more violent, bloodier. Lauren wondered what could be bloodier than a chain saw chewing through your artery but she was sure Ellen would come up with something. With all of Ellen’s mother side dead it was now her father’s side turn. Uncle Glenn, and his wife Janet had a five-year old daughter Melanie who was sweet as pie and Lauren couldn’t save them her brother Glenn wouldn’t listen. In their eyes Ellen was a surviving victim and they were as sure as shit not going to desert the kid, straight from Glenn’s mouth. The whole situation was a disaster waiting to happen.

Glenn worked at the zoo cleaning out cages and Ellen kept begging her uncle to see the animals from the back of the enclosure inside where the public couldn’t go. He got a shiver down his spine but Glenn pushed it aside reprimanding himself for being so distrusting of a young innocent girl who just wanted to belong. He cursed under his breath at Lauren for putting such bad thoughts about the child in his head. The rest of the staff was busy at their stations so against policy Glenn waited until all was clear and took them into the big cat area. There were wild cats on both sides of the aisle and Glenn warned them to stay in the middle. Grant led the way then Melanie, then her aunt and Ellen purposely trailed last. She shoved her aunt against one of the cages and a tiger that was pacing close to the bars stuck its claw out and pulled her arm into the cage and chomped down on it. When she saw her mother’s plight little Melanie screeched and jumped back into the reach of a black panther. Uncle Grant was desperately trying to save both his wife and daughter but Janet cried out for him to save their little girl. To put the last nail in the coffin Ellen backed away from the commotion and unlocked the lion’s cage then rushed out the door locking them in, not that they had any chance of escape anyways. Their screams were excruciating as they were being torn to shreds, so much blood and body parts on the floor. As people came running Ellen unlocked the door but stopped them as she explained the lion was out of its cage. All they could do was wait until the screaming stopped which wasn’t long and then they used a dart gun to knock the lion out. There wasn’t much left of the family and Ellen played the part of a horrified teenager and even managed to squeeze out a few tears. This murder hit Lauren particularly hard when she couldn’t get the thought of the five-year old little girl being eaten alive. She would get even with Ellen if it was the last thing that she did.

Illustrated by: Jason Hendrickson


Ellen strikes again the two detectives thought and if they figured the other deaths were brutal the big cats chewing on human bones and seeing a little running shoe among the blood made Jack physically sick as he ran for the bushes to spew. Buck was as pale as a ghost his stomach heaved too and it took all his strength not to follow Jack but a tear rolled down his cheek and he quickly wiped it away before anyone noticed. Most of the other murders/deaths were adults or a teenager but a young girl was inconceivable so utterly wicked it made Ellen look like the devil himself. Suddenly Buck realized that this female teenager was a serial killer and in a class of her own but no wait a minute Haley and Sara were under suspicion of multiple murders and the triplets too. Could there be that many serial killers in the neighborhood, in the same school? What made these girls murderous? Was there some type of poison at the school but if so why didn’t everyone go crazy? The whole scenario was driving Detective Buck Dale insane himself and he if he couldn’t get some evidence on any of these girls soon he himself might be driven to murder! Only his new partner Jack held him at bay but Buck had reached the end of his rope.