CH 32: Needles

Sara was really crept out with Toxic and she hated that Ellen was hanging around with him but Sara could see that they both had the dark vibe going on and she had actually seen Ellen smile more often with Toxic which use to be rare. Sara felt a little lonely and rushed home for their family dinner. Maybe there would be no scary stories to send her in a tailspin but she wasn’t so lucky. Sara’s dad told them about a co-worker who went to the hospital for regular blood tests and a unsterile needle caused the man to catch a deadly mysterious rash that spread to his ankles, wrists, hands, all over. Not only was it very painful but the doctors tried various antibiotics, creams, and other treatments but to no avail he died. The funeral for the man was in two days. Well that just made Sara’ s fear of needles (Trypanophobia),  fear of blood (Hemophobia), and fear of any skin rashes (Dermatophobia) soar. That night Sara didn’t sleep and the next day at school she saw the posters up and heard on the P.A. that mandatory flu shots were on Friday Sara panicked. She asked her parents and principal for a pass but they said then she’d have to go to the hospital which was even worse because she was frightened of doctors (Latrophobia) and even more scared of hospitals (Nosocomephobia). She heard before that someone went in for a day surgery that was common only to get affection and die. Sara wondered how could a place that was supposed to save lives kill you. All these stories did was compound Sara fears of diseases (Panthophobia) and she was already a Hypochondriac to the point where every headache she had Sara was terrified that it was caused by a brain aneurysm and she’d fall over dead any second.

That was it Sara had checked on Internet and see if there were people who had died from the flu shot and she was going to make damn sure that she wasn’t going to be one of them. The poor school nurse didn’t know what hit her. Sara sneaked in early Friday morning as the nurse lined up the pre-filled needles in trays in preparation for all the students. Quiet as a mouse she locked the door and put the surgical gloves on then before the nurse could put protective caps on the needles with all her strength Sara slammed the nurse’s chest into the tray. The woman screamed just at the same time as the school bell rang hiding her outcry and then Sara took one and stuck it in the terrified woman’s eye. Sara looked out into the hall to see if it was all clear and Ellen suddenly appeared from the girls bathroom and pulled her in. “What the hell Sara do you want to get caught?” Ellen reprimanded her. Finally Sara’s eyes cleared from the trance-like state and she started to cry. “Pull it together girl, Ellen spat angrily, just followed my lead.” Ellen took Sara’s bloody hand and smeared it on the front of her beige pants then they went into the principals’ office and Ellen told the secretary that Sara had a female period mishap and the secretary sent her home to change. Just as Sara walked out of the schools front doors she heard screaming and rightly guessed that the first students had found the nurse.  Well it served the bitch right Sara thought any one that came at her with a needle would end up the same way.

Illustrated by: Jason Hendrickson


Back to the high school Buck thought ironically. He and Jack had stroke out on any evidence that the cat lady met with foul play and they were on their way back to the school to look for clues when they got the call. “When it rains it pours” Detective Jack Nickels whistles.  As usual no one saw anything and being flu shot day the classes were all in disarray so no one noticed any one missing. “The only one who left was Sara, the secretary piped up, her menstrual period started and she had to go home to change. “So she had blood on her?” Detective Buck Dale asked looking at his partner Jack. “Yes and the poor girl was so embarrassed…” the secretary didn’t get a chance to finish as the detective cut her off and demanded for the teenagers address. The two detectives went flying out the door and yelled for Officer Jennings to keep everyone in their class room until they got back. When Sara answered the door it was obvious that she had just gotten out of the shower and although it was fall she had a fire on in the fireplace. They asked to see her clothes and Sara said that she had thrown them in the fire because they were so disgusting she didn’t want her parents to see it especially her dad it would have been so embarrassing.  They had missed catching Sara by just a matter of minutes they knew it and she knew it and Sara realized her game was up and there would be no more murders for her.