CH 27: Saw

The relatives were beginning to feel that Ellen was bad luck but no-one wanted to look stupid or superstitious so they played hot potato with her and it was Ellen’s mother’s brother Uncle Graham and his wife Aunt Teresa that were stuck with Ellen next.

Because Graham was a cop Lauren thought he would naturally be suspicious but even he wasn’t a match for Ellen’s attack from the rear, it had worked for the freezer and escalator so why not try once more third time was a charm. Graham was on a ladder trimming a tree with an electric saw when Ellen shoved the ladder over and was ready to grab the saw but as fate would have it when Graham flew backwards the saw gouged into his neck severing a main artery and blood squirted everywhere. He looked up from the ground dazed by a concussion and too weak from the blood loss. Ellen stood above him with an evil grin and Graham never felt fear until then. Teresa was bringing him out a glass of lemonade and she screamed dropping the glass it shattered on the deck as she ran to Graham aid but she slipped on the blood soaked grass and landed on her back winded. Ellen grabbed the electric saw out of Grahams dead hands and pounced on Teresa cutting into her neck then she put the saw in Teresa’s hand and ran inside to call 911. It was the first time that Ellen literally got blood on her hands.

Illustrated by: Jason Hendrickson


There was so much blood in the backyard and Ellen had walked through it tracking the blood into the house when she made the phone call. Ellen told the cops she was outside watching her uncle cut the branches when suddenly the ladder tipped over and her uncle got cut by the chainsaw and she screamed for her aunt who bolted outside and slipped in his blood and she accidentally fell onto the moving chainsaw herself. There was so much blood it was like a Slip and Slide and if Lauren hadn’t known better she would have easily believed the story like the police would. Was it because Graham was a cop who may have probed for the truth that Ellen opted for his early demise, only one month? Lauren never knew but the brutality of the death was astounding and she guessed that this time Ellen actually wielded the weapon herself on her Aunt Teresa. She was certain Ellen was a murderer yet she was still going through denial and shock at the very idea that the girl was malevolence and void of guilt.

When Buck went to yet another crime scene involving Ellen and her family members and yet again she was the only survivor Buck and Jack were exasperated. “It’s pretty bloody in there guys and it’s all over the backyard and in the house” Officer Jay Jennings informed them. “What the hell who walked through the crime scene?” Buck bellowed. “No-one but the witness did the girl was outside when it happened and tracked it inside to call 911” Jay explained. Buck’s eyes narrowed his eyebrows furled as he truly believed she was evil and it would only take one slip up and he would catch her.