CH 26: Fear of Men

Haley was pissed when Sara bought yet another pet a beautiful white Cockatiel bird then two weeks later Sara returned it with the explanation that she found out she was allergic to feathers and Haley had no clue it was Sara’s sudden fear of birds (Ornithophobia) that was the real reason. In fact Haley had no clue that all the pets returned the cat, the hamsters, and now the bird were all due to irrational fears the poor girl had so her anger just built up. If it wasn’t for the fact that Haley had already chosen her next victim Sara would have been in danger or would she have been? Both girls had killed so pitted against each other who would have come out on top? Luckily it hadn’t gotten to that yet.

In the meantime Sara’ phobias were compounded by her father as he warned her not to walk home at night in the dark alone or she could be raped. Sara was disgusted and horrified by the thought of being raped (Virginitiphobia), or raped and murdered. Actually when she thought about it if she was raped wouldn’t she rather die than feel dirty and embarrassed by the life-changing ordeal? It was a tough call… Her mind raced what if she was kidnapped, raped, and tortured? It was unbearable to think about. You never knew who the offender could be. It was sometimes the most innocent looking guy that was the monster, a so-called father, friend or co-worker in disguise their dark persona hidden deeply until they made a mistake and got caught. She started to look at every male as being a possible criminal (Scelerophobia) so much so that Sara quickly became fearful of men (Homophobia).

For some reason Sara was fixated on a young twenty year old guy two blocks away that was always fixing his car in his driveway and when she passed by Sara swore his eyes transfixed on her and she could feel his eyes burning in her back. Sara told Ellen about him and that he was going to have an accident. She read on-line that a car should be put in park, have the parking brake on, and blocks should be at the end of the car that wasn’t being raised. Sara sneaked into her dad’s garage and put the keys in the ignition and practiced putting the car in park and how to disengage the parking brake. Ellen was impressed with Sara’s imagination but the girl was having trouble figuring out how she could do it without being seen when Ellen suddenly came up with a plan. “Do it in broad daylight talk to him, flirt with him and if he has his keys in the car your golden … ask him if you can turn the music on or up and release the parking brake and then kick the blocks away from the tires jump back and immediately scream” Ellen said with a dark grin. Just an unfortunate accident that a poor young girl had to witness, get it?”

Sara liked it and the plan went down flawlessly she let go a believable scream and cried when the cops came. Officer Jay Jennings tried to comfort the distraught girl as the detectives investigated the scene. Sara had worn gloves so there were no prints inside the car. A tow truck lifted the car off of the deceased chest that was crushed by the weight of the vehicle. Ellen had to give her that the girl had balls and Ellen gave her an “A”. The detectives suspect was Sara but the school had been her hunting ground if they were right so why did she change her M.O.?  This guy didn’t go to her school and so there was no apparent connection to Sara except that she had witnessed the accident. Buck shook his head, what was he thinking? He seemed to be blaming a bunch of teenage girls for a bunch of deaths and the fact that they would be working together was ludicrous they couldn’t even get along and didn’t hang out in the same social circles. It was difficult to believe that these deaths were all occurring in the same neighborhood over a short period of time and the detectives wondered if they were all on drugs. There had to be some explanation.