CH 25: Hot Tub

So far Shaun the Strangler helped train the triplets Farrah, Paige, and Mandy to choke their dead father’s ex-secretary, Toxic Tom mentored Paige so she could poison the boy who date raped her, and Trevor the Torch coached them on how to torch the homeless creep who flashed them on a constant basis. Who was up next? Carlos knew the girls wanted to get back at a football jock at their school that had spread nasty rumors about Mandy this year saying she was a slut but a terrible lay. It wasn’t the label slut that bothered Mandy but saying sex with her sucked was a dam lie and very demeaning and none of the sisters would let him get away with blemishing their track record. Who was left from the support group yet to aid the psychotic sisters? Kenny Knives, Bulls-eye Benny, and Donna Drown were left but Donna’s expertise counted upon locating water… a hot-tub, pool or bathtub, Benny could give Mandy a gun with a silencer on it but then the cops would know in no uncertain terms that it was a murder, and Sammy could train Mandy to use a knife but it took strength and against a football player she would be useless and besides it was very messy and once again it was an obvious murder. Rick’s family had an old hot-tub in their backyard and he was notorious for bringing girls there when his parents went away for the weekend. “What if we lured him with a triple play?” Farrah grinned, we could text him and….” “No! No texts, no-emails, and no phone calls from your cells they are all traceable” Donna squealed How could kids be so dumb these days? If they talked to him at school people would notice because everyone knew they hated him. And even if they managed to get him alone under the bleachers having a smoke the girls knew he’d send texts out bragging to his buddies. On the weekends his parents went away Rick had planned set up for a girl to sleep over so weekends wouldn’t work. “I have it!” Mandy said “we know his parents go out every Tuesday night to see a cheap movie what about waiting in the bushes behind his house with booze and surprise him?” His house was on a dead-end the last one in fact and his parents always went to the late movie so it would be dark.

So cloaked by darkness armed with the strongest booze Donna could buy them and with bathing suits under their clothes the second Rick’s parents pulled out of the garage the girls sneak in the back gate and knocked on the door. “A peace treaty?” Mandy asked holding the bottles of booze as Paige and Farrah quickly stripped off their clothes and jumped into the hot tub with skimpy bikinis on.  The girls had four large bottles of booze and ensured that Rick guzzle it down promising each bottle he drank they would take a piece of their bikini starting with their bottoms. Rick fell for the whole plot hook line and sinker and by the third bottle as Mandy’s bottom came off he could barely hold himself up. The movie would be finished very shortly and the sisters pushed him to drink the last bottle then the three of them held his head under water. Rick thrashed about weakly but it was only a minute and he was still. Mandy didn’t trust it was over so she held his head under the water a little longer while Farrah and Paige gathered the empty liquor bottles up wiped any finger prints off and sunk them into the hot tub. When the girls were sure he was dead they put their wet bikinis in their backpacks and quickly got into their clothes and slowly as quietly as they could walk down the dark street. They walked the two blocks back to their house separately in intervals as Donna suggested so no-one would see three girls walking together and they crawled into their bedroom window. Ricks parents had decided to stop at a 24 hour fast food place for burgers before they got home fifteen minutes after the sisters had left. The back porch light was off Paige had loosened it so Ricks parents couldn’t see in the pitch black backyard and just went to bed. Rick wasn’t found until the next morning.

Illustrated by: Jason Hendrickson


If someone drowned in a river or the ocean there were samples of the water in the lungs that could be tested for salt or other contaminates to determine where the drowning took place but because chlorine from a pool or hot tub dissipated from the lungs almost instantly by the time an autopsy takes place, there’s no trace left. Detective Buck Dale and his partner Detective Jack Nickels knew this fact and besides the body was only discovered in the morning and the empty liquor bottles pointed to an accident drowning. Officer Jay Jennings had consoled the parents and the detectives interviewed the boy’s friends, checked his texts, emails, Facebook, and tweets and there was nothing to indicate foul play or suicide. Thanks for Donnas’ smart thinking the sisters didn’t leave any trail not one breadcrumb behind. But when the detectives reviewed all their cases they had bunched the pet store as group one, the school ones as group two, and Ellen’s family as group three. The others were loosely tied to the triplets some of them anyways. The secretaries’ strangulation was murder but the boy at the rave party, the homeless flasher, and the football jock although all demeaned accidents were still suspicious to the detectives. Well except they truly believed the homeless guy who died in the fire was accidental. At least having the cases categorized with suspects in mind was progress but it wasn’t near enough and despite questioning Ellen’s family nothing was learned. The relatives still believed the girl was innocent. When would the detectives get a break?