CH 22: Escalated

Their whole family was shell-shocked from the two violent accidents being so close together. They all felt sorry for Ellen it was twice now disaster had struck and she played the lone survivor card to a tee. Now that Lauren looked back knowing it was Ellen she still finds it hard to believe that any human being would do that to another, much less family. How could she justify killing her cousins? How could she be so cold? It was hard to fathom her behavior and to make it worse Lauren was certain that Ellen didn’t feel guilty at all, that she enjoyed it; she was a soulless psycho.

Once again everyone came forward to take care of the poor youngster. Even Lauren did but the only thing that saved her ass was that she was single, in-between jobs, and travelled too much. Ellen’s mother younger sister Aunt Shelley and her new husband Uncle Aaron were the next unfortunate victims. Poor saps, they had been trying to have a baby for two years to no avail so when given the opportunity to have a child even a young teenager they relished the opportunity but just after Ellen moved in they found out Shelley was pregnant. Everything was about the baby you know what parents were like when they were expecting a newborn and Ellen was ignored like yesterday’s news which was probably the reason the jilted girl lashed out so quickly and viciously.

Ellen’s ideas were endless when she thought of murder, she was brilliant. Shelley and Aaron went to the mall to buy baby stuff and Ellen whined so much they took her with them. As they went up the escalator to the second floor baby store Ellen pushed Shelley feeding her scarf into the mechanism it quickly tightened choking her, drawing her closer and closer despite Aaron’s efforts to free her, until her hair became tangled and the gears chewed into her skull, chunks of flesh flew into the air. Aaron held her head trying to save her but his limbs got caught and were grinded up to his elbows, it was a gory sight. Both their screams of anguish made shopper’s spine tingle and those close enough to see all the blood and flesh threw up. Shelley was dead before the ambulance arrived but Aaron died on the way to the hospital. How could Ellen sleep at night knowing that she had killed an unborn baby? Was no-one safe? How could Ellen sleep at night knowing she killed an unborn baby? So far Ellen’s body count was 6 adults, 2 kids, and 1 unborn baby.

Illustrated by: Jason Hendrickson


Buck knew that one accident could very well be just an accident and two could just be pure bad luck but three deadly events in such a short time in the same family was no accident. He told Jack about a family member Lauren who thought Ellen was knocking off family but non-one believed it and neither had he but there were too many so-called accidents now to ignore the possibility that Ellen was guilty. If it was Ellen why would she kill family?  Lauren said Ellen was murdering for the insurance money that they all had expensive life insurance policies that went to surviving family members.  They had a big family and Jack thought it was an ambitious endeavor and Buck had to agree and they were no-where near having any evidence at all. This was going to be hard to prove and they better start interviewing all the family members. Buck prepared with Jack what questions to ask who was going to be good cop and who was going to be bad cop it was easily decided that Jack would be good cop and Buck would be bad cop. Jack was clean-cut and had a more approachable appearance while Bucks gruff cowboy exterior could cause discomfort with interviewees both were needed. And the very first person they would interview was Lauren to finally listen and get what her outtake was on the subject. Being a large family this would take a while and all they could hope was that no-one else would die in the process.