CH 15: Frozen

On Ellen’s deceased mother Wendy’s side were Aunt Janice, Uncle Graham, and Aunt Shelley. It wasn’t surprising when her mothers’ sister Aunt Janice, her husband Craig, and their two boys took her in. One day after a full day at the water park with her cousins there was an ice cream factory that they stopped at for a tour and somehow her relatives got locked in one of the huge freezers. By the end of the 40-minute tour Ellen suddenly noticed them missing and after another 20-minutes searching they found the four people dead. Their bodies lost heat 25% faster than if they had been dry they were still damp from the water park and it hurried the process of hypothermia. Crystallized blood was on the interior latch, efforts of them trying to get out which the factory workers said was weird because there was an interior safety release but it was broken.

Illustrated by: Jason Hendrickson


When Detective Dales and Detective Nickels questioned the factory workers they said that it was weird because there was an interior safety release but it was broken. This was the third time Ellen was at the scene so either it was just a coincidence or the young girl knew more than she let on… maybe she wasn’t so innocent after all. Buck asked the tour guide if she saw anyone leave the group the woman said she didn’t but in all honesty they didn’t expect anyone to wonder off and she thought a worker would see someone out-of-place and bring them to the office. They checked for finger prints to no avail. After talking to employees around the freezer area no-one saw anything it was another dead-end. This was the weirdest death to date. Neither Buck nor Jack ever heard of a case of death by Hypothermia in an ice cream freezer it was bizarre. And the two detectives weren’t sure if it was an accident or murder Ellen’s whole family was shell-shocked from the two violent accidents being so close together. They all feel sorry Ellen this was twice now disaster had struck and she played the lone survivor card to a tee. Aunt Lauren didn’t believe in coincidences and she saw the smirk on Ellen’s face when she thought no-one was looking. Was it possible that she had something to do with their deaths? It was hard to digest that any human being would do that to another, much less family! If she did do it how could Ellen justify killing her cousins? How could she be so cold? … Forgive the reference. It was hard to fathom her behavior. And to make it worse Lauren was certain that Ellen didn’t feel guilty at all she was a soulless psycho! Lauren worried if she was next.