CH 13: Candy

In secrecy from their classmates and even their mother the triplets went every Tuesday night to another support group downtown Calgary that was where they met their new mentor. Candy had been in the support group for a few weeks now because she was tired of one-night stands and when the triplets Farrah, Paige, and Mandy showed up one night Candy took the young girls under her wing. The doctor she saw said that she had a sex addiction and told her to go to a meeting with women who had the similar affliction but Candy had been hard-wired like that since the day she was born. There was a room full of horny women still Candy decided to go just for kicks. There was Kitty, Lola, Dollicia, Trixie, Coco, Desiree, Jewel, Gia, and Roxanne Christ even their names sounded sluty! Some jokester served caviar, obvious sex food and champagne at the meeting, better than coffee and cookies she supposed. Despite an initial effort to keep the sessions G- rated, especially with the younger girls around sex was such a dirty word that inevitably the discussion became x- rated and they pushed the boundaries even more when Farrah came up with a group name, Nympho-Naught. When Candy found out that an abstinence group named Righteous Rigor was meeting right after them she volunteered to help clean the room at the end of their session. She left a couple of condoms on her chair purposely hoping to shock the virgins but surprisingly the next week there were pamphlets about sexually transmitted diseases on the table at their meeting. Candy made it her goal to deflower every member of Righteous Rigor herself regardless of their sex she was bi-sexual so it didn’t make a difference to her, it was a sacrifice she was willing to make. All the sexy women in her group flaunted themselves in front of the virgins the big teases they were, the poor virgins both male and female didn’t know what hit them. As they sauntered by the poor dopes were sorely tempted by the woman dressed so sexy that for the men it stirred more than just their emotions which was obvious from their tight pants.

Candy’s family was a throwback from the hippie generation, flower-power, peace, and love both sets of her grandparents were at Woodstock in 1969 when they were fifteen and had a baby nine months later than in 1989 Candy’s parents at twenty years old went to the 20th anniversary Woodstock celebration and had Candy nine months after so that was two generations that got knocked up at the wild event. Her grandparents never got married and neither did her parents it went against the whole “love child” concept. Her mother earned a Masters in Women and Gender Studies and father a Masters in Sexual Diversity both were well sought after and highly paid.

Growing up, once a year Candy went on vacation to a nudist beach in Europe with her parents, participated in Gay Pride Week Parade, and attended the 5-day nude camp for families every July. For a few years her parents even had a three-way live-in relationship with another woman. Her liberal view of sex was multiplied ten-fold because of living just a block from downtown’s that was teeming with people from all walks of life such as gay, lesbian, and transgender individuals who openly held hands and kissed in public. And to top it off the area was flooded by tattoo parlors, sex stores, massage parlors, and prostitutes on every street corner at night.

In her early years Candy loved running around the house and in the backyard naked until the age of five then due to nosey neighbors she had to keep her naked escapades indoors although when she was ten she gain notoriety for streaking at a neighborhood baseball game. When Candy attended school one of her favorite subjects was English because she could read about romances and imagine all sorts of things that weren’t written but implied in between the lines and write stories that were racy. Also Candy loved art where she consistently pushed the boundaries drawing, painting, and sculpting nudes. Even in home economics she had the teacher all up in arms when she baked a cake in the shape of a penis and for her sewing project she made sexy lingerie. Yet even though the school called her parents and brought them in for a discussion about Candy’s behavior they just told the teachers that they saw nothing wrong with the naked body and they didn’t want to stifle her creativity.

Illustrated by: Jason Hendrickson


It was hard for Candy to make female friends because her sexy clothes and demeanor both intimidated them and made them jealous but the males were knocking down her door. After graduating from high school she submitted a portfolio of her best work and was accepted into a College of Art and Design, Faculty of Art, with a major in Drawing and Painting and minor in Sculpting 4-year degree program. When Candy finished her education she open up her own art gallery in the art district and lived in a small studio apartment above the gallery. She taught art to adults on Saturday afternoon and teens on Sunday. Knowing the triplets were broke she offered them a couple of free art classes and found Farrah was a natural at painting, Paige was a master at sculptures, and Mandy was an artist with sketches. They real question was would Candy properly mentor the girls to douse their libido or would she entice them to feed their sexual appetite?

Illustrated by: Jason Hendrickson


Candy was exhausted but happy except she wanted to settle down with a boyfriend but that was hard to do when you were a sex addict.