CH: 8 Ellen

Ellen’s parents died in an unlikely car crash considering the vehicle was only a year old in pristine condition and it was a perfectly sunny day. Ellen’s Aunt Lauren her dad’s sister was the only one that seemed to be pushing for an explanation but the fact that there were several factory recalls on that make and model of car sealed the deal that it was an accident and even Detective Buck Dale agreed. But the recalls didn’t explain how they careened down the steep hillside road they were on. Why didn’t Ellen’s father Leonard apply the brakes nor did he seem to steer away from danger even when they were headed towards a gas station. Surely, he turned the steering wheel? Or at the very least why didn’t both of her parents Wendy and Leonard bail out when they saw their deadly destination. They hit the gas station propane tank for barbecue fill ups head on causing a massive explosion and all that remained was a burnt out shell of the vehicle, because of the explosion there was nothing left to bury, the whole family on both sides were in shock and devastated at the senseless accident. Aunt Lauren wondered if Ellen cut the brake lines and disabled the electric windows and locks so her parents couldn’t get out but how did she rig the steering wheel?

Illustrated by: Jason Hendrickson


Ellen played the devastated child for a week or two she was a great actress.  There wasn’t a less likely candidate than her but no-one was looking for a murderer. Besides in society it was much harder to view a female as brutal or sinful, much more so than males. And on top of that Ellen was just a kid. But it was only the first act though and Ellen’s family would soon be forced into participating in her sick production!

When she was young Ellen’s pets were found dead or they disappeared and when she cried her parents just got her another one. Although they wondered what happen to the poor animals not once did they think Ellen had anything to do with it? And when Ellen played in the playground accidents seemed to occur and she was always blamed but Ellen just cried and said the kids didn’t like her and of course her parents took her side. Beside kids falling off of a slide, teeter-totter, or swing was common place. Or maybe her parents weren’t as dumb as Ellen thought; maybe they were covering for her. She remembered when she was young they discussed having another child but decided not to just in case. Just in case what? When Ellen said it would be nice to have a brother or sister to play with her parents exchanged wide-eyed looks and told her unfortunately they couldn’t afford bringing up another kid. Ellen’s smile was creepy and her parents felt she was the cat and they were the mice and it would only be a matter of time before she caught and devoured them. They were right but it remained to be seen if this was a one and only thing for Ellen or not.

Illustrated by: Jason Hendrickson