CH 06: Triple Threat

As young children the triplets protected each other especially in school against bullies and even unfair teachers. Farrah was the oldest with long curly blonde hair with red streaks and green eyes her favorite color was red so her entire wardrobe was red. Paige the middle child’s favorite color was purple so all her clothes were purple and she had short straight blonde hair with purple streaks and brown eyes. And Mandy had shoulder length wavy blonde hair with blue streaks and blue eyes so low and behold her favorite color was blue which engulfed what she wore. They were really close doing everything together shopping, homework, and gossiping. Farrah was the best at English, Paige was good at biology, and Mandy was talented at math so they would do each other’s assignments and come test time they’d switch with their identical triplet because despite their different hair color and style the teachers could never remember who was who and the sisters played them.

When Tracey’s daughters first came to her last week with a plan to help with finances she was hesitant. Yes, they were in dire need of money, well actually desperate because even with her two jobs since the main bread winner of the family her dear Hank died six months ago, they had already lost the house, car, camper, boat, ski-dos, and water jets. Hank was a top notch lawyer working for ten years for the same corporation making $175,000 a year but when it came time to take care of them the insurance company said because he committed suicide his death policy was voided. He didn’t off himself he just was careless when he mixed sleeping pills with pain killers for his back downing them with vodka. He had injured his back although Tracy had no clue how, he had a desk job and around the house he hired out any heavy work. When Tracey thought about it Hank just recently had trouble sleeping and started drinking semi-regular which worried her but it still didn’t mean he wanted to kill himself. Why would he, they had it all! The corporation sent a letter of condolences the bastards, the only one that came to the house was his loyal secretary, weeping and blaming herself for Hank’s untimely demise. Tracey had no idea why the pretty young thing thought she was to blame but the girl tells Tracey that she asked for extended leave because she was so upset and besides she was four months pregnant with twins and had nasty morning sickness all day long. The triplets knew their dad had screwed around on their mother even if she didn’t or if she did Tracey was trying to ignore it. But having their dads’ pregnant secretary blubber her condolences was a dead giveaway. The siblings wanted to wring the young woman’s neck their father committed suicide because she was about to divulge their affair to their mother. Paige had heard their father whispering on the phone and they carefully picked up another line to eavesdrop. It made the girls sick and angry at their dad for such a betrayal and when he took his own life the girls were both devastated and angry.

Tracey’s thoughts bounce all over the place she had been under a lot of stress since her husband’s death. Hank and Tracey were together for twenty-one years and although they got married when she was five months pregnant that wasn’t the reason they got hitched, well not the only reason. They were in love and would have tied the knot sooner or later anyways. Now Tracey was alone living in the roughest neighborhood in Calgary renting a forty year old two bedroom home they had to double up two to a room. Trying to survive with triplets on serving yuppies their cappuccino at a coffee shop during the day and working at a motel at the front desk at night was almost impossible. So Tracey must admit after her kids hounded her for several days about their plan she actually began to consider it. It was not that she didn’t believe children well teenagers couldn’t have part-time jobs but they had to be careful to not let their homework and marks slip. All her daughters were knockouts just not brainiacs but she decided her girls could handle it and if their marks took a dive she’d make sure they quit.

The triplets talked with a classmate who worked at a pet store and asked if they could get referrals through the store to start a dog walking service and to house sit pets when their owners went away.  Haley thought it was a great idea I mean she wasn’t a fan of these high maintenance girls who fucked the entire school football team and most of the motor-heads but any plan that made an animal happier Haley was thrilled to support.  It was not like they liked her either she was anti-social at their school and didn’t hang around with anyone. Haley talked to her boss and he agreed to let them put flyers in the stores’ grooming shop, at the front counter and a few posters outside. They named their business PFM Dog Walkers & Pet Sitters the first initial of each of their names boring but simple to remember. Haley helped them with a slogan: “We make sure your pets are safe, in shape, and happy”. The triplets had a newfound respect for Haley when they saw her work in her natural environment and felt shitty that they had judged her unfairly when they really didn’t know her, a lesson Haley should learn. The girls actually drummed up a lot of business and their first client was a regular customer at the pet store Shiba Shepherd and her small dog Princess. Princess was fun to walk and actually they went slow because of the dogs’ short legs. Soon they had so many clients that each girl was assigned several customers as their responsibility and when they weren’t busy they either helped out the other two or found new contacts. Farrah was the one that was assigned to Shiba and Princess and she stayed over at Shibas’ house to babysit whenever she left town. In fact Farrah even went over to babysit when Shiba partied and stayed overnight at a friend’s.

Thinking about the ultimate payback for their dad’s ex-secretary Mandy joked and said they should hire a hit man but Farrah jumped on the idea and one day while surfing the net Paige had hit a website about support groups. This one organization had several different groups that met during the week and Paige laughed as she said the sex addiction group would be a good one for them to go to but Farrah noticed the Trigger Happy group that met on the same night as the suicide group. There was no explanation for what Trigger Happy stood for… guns enthusiasms? But how was that a support group? Their advertisement asked: “Are you dying to try out your skill in weaponry? Our training is to die for!” Paige laughed at the quote thinking it was a joke but Farrah took it seriously. Her sisters refused to believe that Farrah was that bent on revenge and even if she was the action of hiring a hit man was completely immoral and dangerously illegal. What was she really going to do or was she just blowing off steam?

Never in a million years did the triplets see themselves in a situation like this. The siblings went to their first ever support group Trigger Happy on Monday night. When they arrived there were forbidding looking people at tables answering phones not in a circle like support groups were supposed to be. Farrah re-checked the sign on the door and it did say Trigger Happy. It fell silent when the three girls came in and one guy said they must have come to the wrong place. “Are you hit men or not?” Farrah startled the others but the man she was facing didn’t flinch. “What do you mean?” he tested her. “Look you are obviously not a support group and we need someone erased are we at the right place or not or are you undercover cops?” Farrah challenged him. “We are not cops that’s for sure!” he said as if she insulted him. So they sat down and talked his name was Carlos the Cobra he was the boss. Once it was established that Farrah had several people on her hit list but not very much money Carlos didn’t kick them out like Farrah expected him to. Instead Carlos offered for his team members to train them to do the kills on their own his crew groaned and cleared their throats but he told them to be quiet. In return the triplets would have to do a murder for Carlos each murder that they trained the triplets for a one for one. When Farrah agreed and shook his hand her sisters gasped they didn’t want to be indebted to this man. Carlos introduced the triplets to the other people in his group there was Kenny Knives, Bulls-eye Benny, Trevor the Torch, Shaun the Strangler, Toxic Tom, and Donna Drown. It was decided that Shaun the Strangler would be the one to train them for the secretary’s murder.

The girls met Shaun the Strangler at an abandon store downtown on Saturday at lunch. In the grimy back alley of the store Shaun jimmied the lock and they squeezed in. He picked this location because it had mannequins that they could practice choke holds on. How to Kill 101 started and Shaun gave them a length of razor sharp steel wire named a garrote and gloves. At first they were hesitant and didn’t apply near enough pressure. Shaun asked them who their target was and why. “Just think of what this woman did how she ruined your lives and basically caused your father’s death, Shaun said, and funnel that anger into strength.” With focus and anger the triplets did much better and after practicing Saturday and Sunday they were ready. Sunday night they had to plan where and when they were going to do the deed. “No-one can see you and you can’t leave any fingerprints or DNA so it’s better if you don’t kill her inside you girls aren’t experienced enough for that” Shaun told them. So for the next two weeks they found out where she lived and what her routine was. She had the baby which was good because the siblings didn’t think they could have murdered an unborn baby, in fact they knew they wouldn’t have but every Sunday night the young woman went for a jog in Prairie Winds Park with its man-made creek, lots of trees, and poor lighting. Shaun suggested they use ether to subdue her and gave them some he had quite the supply. It was yet to be seen if the triplets would go through with it. You never knew when the actual moment came whether the person would commit the offence or run. It was decided that Paige and Mandy would use the ether on their target and hold her while Farrah would choke the woman. The night finally came and the girls lay in wait for the female. They had followed all Shaun’s instructions to the “T” and they had the weapon at the ready. Farrah seemed dead set on doing it but her sisters Paige and Mandy waffled. It would take the three of them and Farrah used guilt as well as veiled threats but you would never know until it was time to pull the trigger or in this case garrote. Would her sisters follow Farrah’s lead or would they cut and run? They saw the secretary approaching and it was decision time.

As the woman neared where they crouched the girls jumped out and acted so quickly she didn’t get a sound out then as the two held her Farrah used the garrote. Paige looked away not being able to watch and Mandy trembled but they both had done their part. All the hit men were surprised when Shaun told them the girls had pulled it off they all had figured the siblings would chicken out. The girls returned home pale and shaky but Farrah was also proud of them. Paige ran to the sink to wash the blood away while Mandy puked in the toilet. Why should the bitch live when she killed their father?

Illustrated by: Jason Hendrickson


Detective Buck Dale looked at the body this was definitely a murder no if ands or buts about it unfortunately there were no witnesses yet.  And the grass was trample slightly but no shoe prints. Buck asked the jogger who found the body questions but she heard and saw nothing she just stumbled across the corpse that was already stiff in the cold morning air. As the coroner took the body away the detective knew this case was going to be a pain in the ass. He would have to dig into the woman’s life to see if she had any enemies or if anyone had a reason to want her dead.  Shaun reported to Carlos that so far it didn’t look like there were any witnesses so it would take time for the detective to come up with a suspect list and even then would the triplets end up on the list? That remained to be seen.