She never went anywhere without her I-Pod. It was like another appendage non-detachable you could even shower with it. In fact to Melody the device was more important than say her nose, the sense of smell was overrated anyways. The young woman came from generations of music lovers. Throughout their Genealogy family members sang, composed music, or played a wide variety of musical instruments. Melody was blessed with all three venues in fact her relatives said she was a prodigy, muse, or savant whichever term you’d prefer to use. She played every type of instrument there was even some ancient ones such as a Harpsichord, Lyre, and Pan Flute. And Melody’s voice had the complete range of notes from the lowest of 8 hertz sounding like a man-toad to the highest of C-sharp in the 8th Octave surpassing piano keys and angels alike. When Melody listened to music it was climatic starting first at her feet in a tapping motion, progressing to her legs thumping, her hips swaying, her arms waving, and finally her head bobbing. Inside she felt the music inch up her body filling up each limb until it reached her brain pleasure center releasing a wave of Dopamine that emanated from her body.

One day as she sat on a park bench soaking in the music and sun a young boy accidently kicked his ball onto the road and with earplugs in his ears he didn’t hear the oncoming car and by the time he saw the vehicle he froze like a deer in the headlights. Melody was listening to some intense music and saw the drama unfold she was too far away to help the kid but her mind screamed no and a bolt of music  exploded from her shoving the kid out of harm way. Now an on-looker would say the kid suddenly snapped out of it and dodged the car just in time but Melody’s instincts told her it was more than that she felt the release of energy from her very soul and she didn’t hesitate to test her theory.

It wasn’t long before another opportunity presented itself and when a guy pulled a gun on her at a bank machine she listened to heavy metal and her anger ripped the gun right out of the creeps’ hand. He stood looking shocked and confused at first then bent over to retrieve his weapon but it slid away just out of reach and no matter how many times he tried the outcome was the same. The crook stumbled backwards trying to escape her screaming Diablo and disappeared into the night. If there was ever proof of her new-found ability that was it.

Melody tried out her gift like someone would test out a new car with all of its’ gadgets. She made all the leaves tumble off a tree at once and it wasn’t Fall and there was no wind whatsoever. In her bedroom she cut open her feather pillow and floated out the feathers one at a time until she tired of the game. But for the most part Melody used her skill to firstly help others in danger, and secondly help those are more in need like the elderly and children, and thirdly she gave a hand to those who should get a break like the homeless man who needed help with his levitation act on a street corner to make money who she’d visit once a week or a cat stuck in a tree she’d float down to safety when the coast was clear.

No-one noticed what she did because it wasn’t obvious it was always accredited to luck, magic, god, or a freak of nature which was just the way Melody wanted it. She tried a few times to move objects without music similar to anyone else who dream of telekinesis but it fell flat like a sour note. Not that Melody minded music was her life and it filled her soul so much so that she had it to share and that contribution was her gift to the world.

Illustrated by: Rebecca Sherratt