The other day some-one close to me said that they were told to be the better person and set up an outing with their sibling. Why couldn’t that sibling do the same? The intermediary said because he was older.

Now when I was told “be the better person” I got angry and defensive.

I’ve always lived by the idea that I should treat others the way I want to be treated, with respect, honesty, and friendliness, unfortunately this is not the real world.

What do I do when someone belittles, disrespects, and is is unfriendly towards me on a regular basis? Who don’t invite me on their “outings” using hurtful excuses like that I have depression, I would have said no anyways, and they never even thought of asking me to go even though countless times I’ve suggested activities for us to do only to have no response.

Well, I don’t suggest ideas for things to do anymore, and if they by some miracle asked me to do something I know it would be because of guilt or they heard gossip through the grape-vine and were influenced to invite me either way no thanks.

And when we do meet at functions I am polite but not overly cheerful or talkative because a joke is always made or snide comment at my expense.

So I guess for me the saying “be the better person” means I should be an angel to those who shit on me? Not any more. The other day it was rubbed in my face yet an other outing that I wasn’t included in and when I said that would have been nice, I would have liked to have gone I got the usual “Well, you would have said no and besides we never thought of it”  this time I stuck up for myself and replied: “How do you know? You never asked me and just so you know I would have loved to have gone and I would have said yes!” Then the person bashed me for my arthritis in my hip saying I couldn’t handle the walking even though the person themself just told me because of their extreme weight they had to take several breaks going up a big hill. And right there I could have taken a mean jab about their weight but didn’t so I guess I still tend to “be the bigger person” old habits die hard.