Even her sister Courtney was finally freaked out and she was ready to move into the fortress. Her boyfriend dumped her when he found out the family history, he thought their family was cursed or had extremely bad luck but either way he wanted no part of it he wanted to live past thirty. Courtney was especially afraid when Ellen came by with the police and social services asking if she’d take her in. She refused coming up with all the excuses that she could and Ellen gave her a hug and kiss on the cheek telling her it was o.k. that she understood as she was being led off to a foster home. Unfortunately it was too little too late and Courtney felt the full force of Ellen’s wrath when she sustained numerous fractures and internal injuries from her twelfth floor plunge out of her apartment window. Courtney was on a respirator and wasn’t expected to make it through the night. Lauren felt she was going to lose it. The complete lack of conscious and purely brutal actions of Ellen made her physically and mentally ill. She cried for the dead for their painful demise until she had no more tears to cry. Lauren could imagine her sister Courtney’s fear as Ellen slammed her so hard against her apartment window it shattered and what must have flashed through her mind as she was free-falling. And then there was one.