Last one standing Lauren knew Ellen was coming for her next there was no-one else but she couldn’t fathom how the girl was going to reach her being so fortified. All she could hope for was a fast painless death but Lauren knew Ellen was angry at her and wanted her to suffer. Lauren had received all the money as per all the family wills over five million dollars and just this morning she redid her own will leaving all the money to Psychopathy/Sociopathy Research. There was no way Lauren wanted Ellen to get a cent of the money. She briefly thought about leaving the money to future generations of the family like Ellen’s children or grandchildren but Ellen would just kill them off to get the money at this point Lauren didn’t put anything past the young teenager

Lauren typed out all about her family’s murderous history and emailed it to her lawyer and a major newspaper. She turned off the electric fence, locked the dogs away in their kennels and lowered the bridge around her fortress inviting the devil herself in. “I deserve to die like all my clan” she thought sadly, so many died, so many…. Ellen was blinded by her greed to get the five million inheritance money she didn’t hesitate to storm the castle. She didn’t realize that all Lauren’s exterior and interior cameras recorded her crime and would be viewed by many to put her in jail as one of the youngest female serial killers of all time. Ellen shot Lauren once in the head a boring, unimaginable murder Lauren was thankful for because it was painless and instantaneous. The girl wrote a suicide note for Lauren not realizing the futility of it. Ellen thought she had gotten off scot- free because she got away with it for so long over and over again Ellen felt invincible but she wasn’t. When given the death sentence and put on death row the young adult ended up hanging herself in her cell she was her own last victim