Dr. Thomas Michael was a Horticulturalist who was in his late twenties, gay apt to have  a lot of one night stands with the occasional second date. He had a bad temper and was bitter at the world and unhappy with the “system”. What system he was talking about Charity was unsure of but it was easy to feed his hatred. Thomas taught the Enviro about the many types of flowers and plants. He vehemently informed them about mans’ negative ritual of picking flowers for decorations, displays of affection, and special occasions. Outside he identified the types of foliage such as trees, grass, and weeds. Dr. Michael’s priority was to show the Enviro documentaries about clear cutting and logging companies, the reduction of forests for housing, and the effect of pollution on plant life. Thomas, Enviro Protectors, and security took the Enviros on a trip to a logging plant to see the trees being cut. He pointed to them how “to pull the plug” on the large machinery. They also visited a huge greenhouse and Dr. Michael explained that if the glass was broken the local plants would live although others would die but left on their own without water from nature or humans they would all perish. Back in the classroom he emphasized how the destruction of species’ homes in forests affected the animals. The emotionless quiet demeanor of the Enviros angered him; he expected some sign of sentiment. Their void looks and lack of response made them appear callous. What Thomas didn’t understand was the lack of emotion was a positive attribute because Enviro wouldn’t be swayed by greed, envy, or hatred and when Charity pointed that out a small grin creep across the man’s face and deep down inside he knew something big was going to happen.