When the eight physiotherapists Charity hired arrived once they got over their initial shock at the Enviros appearance they taught them movement how to point, wave, pick up things, stand, bend, squat, sit, then outside throw a ball, walk, and run. Being in close contact with the Enviros the therapists were both scared and astounded with the entities. They felt their plastic skin, looked into their lifeless eyes and were unsure if the “robots” heard or understood anything it was creepy teaching them when none of them could talk yet. All the body movements you can think of are taught to them. They had  four days to learn to stand up and walk but unlike humans who take months the Enviro were more like nature’s animals it only took them a day and although they were wobbly they were up and walking about. Once the physiotherapists were finished helping the Enviros they treated staff for aches and pains and basically became gym teachers. No-one left the campground until the entire experiment was completed, everyone was fore-warned.

To educate the Enviro Charity recruited teachers off for the summer. She chose one from each of the biggest middle-schools from the following large cities: Hollywood California, New York, New York; Houston Texas, Miami Florida, Vancouver B.C., Toronto Ontario and Halifax Nova Scotia. When they arrived at the camp Charity meet them in the teachers’ lounge and took them to their assigned classroom but despite being fore-warned the instructors were startled by the Enviro they didn’t look like robots but the teachers couldn’t hazard a guess. The educators had the curriculum package that was already sent to them. They were to teach these things to talk, basic grade five math, and basic reading of office documents, instruction manuals, business letters, and road signs no books. Charity assigns one Enviro Protector for the Enviro and one security guard for the teacher’s protection in each classroom as a precaution. Within four days all of the Enviros were educated enough for the next phase.