Charity buys a fully fenced isolated piece of property that is a combination of farmland, forestry, hills, caves, a large natural pond, some marshlands, and a river running through it just perfect for the wilderness training portion. On the property are an abandoned school, old farm house, barns, corals, and pens. Also there are lots of old military barracks she plans to house support staff in and a few smaller bungalows for the scientists. Once she makes a list of what trades and who she wants in this project Charity employs several detectives and asks them to do background checks. First she hires carpenters, electricians, and plumbers to make sure everything is operational and acceptable for living conditions. Her cover story with the tradesmen is to say it is going to be a specialized summer camp.


Charity hired several administration employees that she had known from former busy environmental campaign offices she worked in. She finalized an invitational package to be mailed out by register mail to those chosen. The introduction letter stated it would be twelve weeks with only Sundays off inside the campgrounds. Also one-way free modes of transportation (non-refundable and closed to any date, time, destination, or name changes) would be mailed out upon acceptance and a cheque for half  their pay would be given upon arrival and the second half of the amount upon completion. Worried that there would be mass hysteria and exodus if she didn’t prepare the participants for what they were going to see she really didn’t have a choice but to inform them that this project was a science experiment to see how much robots could be trained by actual one-on-one human instructors instead of programming. In the pamphlet she described the living accommodations and security procedures. As suspected she had mixed results but in the end money talked and Charity had a full roster.