That night with the training fully completed, they all had a huge celebration. The final step had to be implemented, if not nothing would change and it would have all been for naught. It was the hardest thing Charity had ever done in her life, for the first time her resolve wavered. She forced herself to bring out the booze she had hidden; a cheer rises up from the crowd. They celebrated for a couple of hours and in the morning; the buses took the hung-over participants back to the city. Charity watched them depart with a sincerely deep sense of sadness and remorse, if only things could have been different. In particular, it was sad to think of the poor children, but they would just grow up to repeat the mistakes of their parents. It didn’t matter, what was done was done, it was too late now.

For the first time Charity was alone with all the Enviros so she finally told them their true purpose. She told them that humans had hurt and killed many other species and the earth itself for hundreds of years and that she could no longer stand by and watch humans destroy everything that got in their way. Everyone who was at the camp was infected with a deadly virus that would swiftly become a worldwide plague killing most of the humans except those in remote locations. Charity thought about the virus that could be contracted by body fluids, touch, air and even smell. It would last for years soak into plants and the ground when bodies started to decay. A flash back of her family’s death due to environmental poisons strengthened her resolve but unlike the pain and illness they had to endure the virus would be non-symptomatic it would strike it’s victims down like with a brain aneurysm. She instructed the Enviro to free the animals, shut down factories, and clean-up the mess that humans left behind. Hope would lead them Charity put the amulet over the exquisite Enviros head and she told them Hope was their new mother now. Charity reminded them to go to stores to wake up more mannequins and train them along the way. They had seen maps of the cities, countries, the world and knew it would take hundreds of years to complete their task as best as possible. She had also told them not to save any humans leave them to die because to help them to live would ensure the failure of their mission. Charity told them when they were done just live in peace and harmony with nature and the animals.

As tears trickle down her cheek Charity’s impassioned speech is met with blank stares except for Hope. Hope had been literally by her side from the beginning and she thought she saw a flick of sadness in her expression or was that just what she wanted to see, to be missed. As the time neared Charity hoped that it would be a new world without war or hatred but sadly also without love or compassion. All Charity could hope was that the Enviro fare better than people had; humans had failed so miserably it was time to give a new species a try.