Hope and Charity had discussed in advance just what Hope’s role would be in mentoring the Enviros. One big problem was to figure out if the Enviros should be taught about the concepts of crime, war, status, and power, or not. Would knowing about human history prevent or promote the same behavior from the Enviros? Hope said that knowing made her want to avoid at all costs the same actions and decisions that have led to mankind’s downfall, as she saw it. After great thought, Charity agreed with her; they all needed examples of good and bad behavior. So not only did the Enviro learn about the concepts they watched war, terrorists, violent protest rallies, and many other crimes like murders, rape, and torture in film documentaries and in news segments. Their lack of expression made it hard to determine their response, but after questioning them both Charity and Hope was satisfied that the Enviros knew violence was an unintelligent, wasteful action that resulted in useless destruction of many species.

The General and Enviro Protectors took the students to a small range where inanimate mannequins were displayed and they did a demonstration on the effects of gunfire as well as other weapons like knives, an axe, or a bat, the result weren’t pretty. After the display they were taught self-defense that wouldn’t just deter humans it would be fatal like smashing a human’s nose into their brain. They were told to try to avoid or hide from humans but if confronted use what they were taught or what they saw happen to the mannequins would happen to them.

As part of the self-defense training Charity realized that they needed to know what fire was and the danger it represented that was why she hired retired firemen. The firemen showed films on huge city as well as forest fires to show the loss of life of many species, in homes humans and pets and in the wilderness many animals and foliage. Like the weapons training they took several inanimate mannequins and held first body parts over the fire to show them the damage then a whole one. Charity asked Hope if the Enviros felt pain and she said no but they realized that injury of any type would mean they’d need repair and massive injury like guns and fire could mean the end of them. Charity explained that they were to avoid fire at all costs except if they were willing to terminate in order to save a large number of animals. It was a hard concept to convey because it involved decision-making but Charity said that they would have to decide about many things but Hope would guide them.