The Wilderness Survivalists, Station #4 had their share of problems too. The Enviro faced all sorts of weather, terrain, nature, and learn how to build a shelter with minimal impact on the environment. “Respect and live in harmony with nature” the mountain men lectured them. Rock climbing was a necessary skill for some environments and besides it was always a perfect advantage point to get your bearings, that or climb a tree. They also taught the Enviro how to use the stars at night and various landmarks during the day for direction. They instruct the Enviro on how to build a fire if they got wet or need warmth. The survivalist discuss among themselves if these entities even need warmth.  They managed to get through most of the training without incident until one Enviro got hit by lighting while climbing a tree and while canoeing two Enviro tip over and sank to the bottom of the river. Charity never stopped to think that they didn’t know how to swim.  The guides managed to pull the two Enviro to shore and grappled the smoking heap down from the tree and they slung the three Enviros over a horse and brought them to the school. It was a harsh lesson to learn about thunder and lightning so the wilderness men covered weather patterns as well. In regards to teaching the Enviros to swim there wasn’t the time, instructors, or pool but Daniel and Charity come up with a plan and with the survivalist they purposely lead the Enviro one by one into and out of the river several times then let them do it by themselves. When the exercise was over they build a large bon-fire to dry off and told the Enviros that this action was only to be done if it was absolutely necessary and there was no other way to cross. They were shown how to cross a small bridge and how to tie a rope between trees on both sides of the river to hold onto and not get swept away by the current. Problem solved!