CH 10 – PETS

At the farm house Station #2 Enviros watched a video taken by Charity of the inside and outside of various pet stores with instructions on ripping open food for the pets once they were free. They were introduced to all the caged and chained up pets in the farm house and the Enviro Protectors showed them how to break into windows and doors while the pet caretakers demonstrated the animal’s liberation. The gung-ho activists loved this part finally some action for them and the General and his men knew where this training was heading, animal release was just up their alley. And the tradesmen are happy to finally be busy replacing broken doors and windows. On the other hand the pet caretakers were less than pleased with the release and recapture program it was easy to let the animals out but to get them back was difficult still they did have extras as a backup just in case. It wasn’t so bad rounding up the cats, dogs, and bunnies but the birds flew away, reptiles hard to find in the grass, and fish put in the pond and river obviously were never recollected.. The biggest lessons the Enviro learned was to be gentle with the animals and to let them go in their correct environment. A fish couldn’t swim on land such an obvious concept to humans but not to the Enviro.