At Station #1 the barn the farmers first introduced the Enviros to the animals and informed them what the domesticated animals were used for: milk, beef, chicken, eggs, pork, and entertainment and they showed films of factories where the animals were slaughtered then processed for use or consumption. It was too gory for Charity to watch but neither the farmers nor Enviro were phase by it. In fact they were taken to a slaughter house to see first-hand the horror and Charity had the tradesmen construct a mockup of the holding pens so they could release animals from there as well to free them from the stables, corals, pens, and hen house. Each Enviro had to physically do the action before they could go to the next station. There of course were a few accidents like when one Enviro got trampled by the cows and its head was crushed. They carried the poor Enviro to Dr. Daniel Mahoney who had taught them self-repair and since they had spare heads they gave it a shot. It was the first time that Charity used the amulet in front of anyone and a murmur rose up from the Enviro they called her mother. Daniel thought about telling the other scientists what he saw but they would just think he was crazy. The Enviro was an empty vessel and the teachers and scientists showed Hope the green Enviro how to train it. Hope later passed onto the others what she had to do so that in the future if anything happened to that extreme they could fix it.