The only female in the group was Dr. Nancy Bennings her field was Zoology. She was an administrator at the zoo and hated how the public was oblivious to the caged animals’ plight, just in the name of their own entertainment. Nancy was one of the public liaison administrators meeting and greeting dignitaries, school classes, and other groups as she gave guided tours. Nancy explained the concepts of zoos, that they were world-wide, the lack of freedom for the animals, and her opinion that no one species had the right to cage another. She talked about the whole variety of animals in the zoo. Dr. Bennings personally took the Enviros on a tour of the zoo after hours when the place was closed so she could show them how to open the cages. The next day the Enviro Protectors helped them practice unlocking and breaking a variety of doors, latches, pulleys, locks, and chains with a variety of tools until they had it down pat. In addition Nancy showed them hunting, safari, circus animal, and horse/dog betting in films as she explained their evil function and how all creatures should be free to roam. In her gut she knew these entities would be setting animals free and she was excited to be a part of it even if it could mean her losing her job if she was implicated. She had worked at the zoo because she loved the animals but seeing them caged killed her spirit a little every day.

The Enviro had rotated through each subject with the scientists and were ready for the other stations: the barn, the farm house, wilderness training, and guns and fire information. While the students carried on the scientists were invited to observe the Enviros in their hands-on exercises to see how their information helped them succeed or fail. As expected the support staff freaked out at the sight of the Enviro in fact some wanted to leave but they were told as per their agreement no-one could leave so they either did their job and got paid or refused to work and be housed in a holding room with a guard escort. Charity heard grumbling and whispers of the word kidnapping but told them that if anyone left they could run to the press and ruin the millions of dollars she invested to do the experiment not to mention that everyone would lose a portion of their salary if they were cut short. She wasn’t stupid she knew if she had threatened their wages the others would make sure everyone was on board and didn’t go anywhere besides Charity had hired plenty of security.