Dr. James Hardy’s area of expertise was in Entomology and Herpetology the study of reptiles, amphibians, fish, insects, and birds. His wife and young daughter died of cancer because of pesticides manufactured by the company he worked for, so he had revenge on his agenda. He liked to socialize with men at his golf club, rifle club, and men’s club that had plenty of company big-wigs that he dream would get theirs one day. When he day-dreamed it was by his hand the elite would die. In his letter from Charity it referred to making them pay for what they had done but didn’t say how. Not that he cared James wanted to participate in the project if it gave him any chance to do so.

In the classroom were live samples but he still took the Enviros outdoors to see the creatures in their natural environment. Most important, he taught them about pesticides, air/water pollution, and the effect of toxic spills on various species by showing them documentaries Charity left for him. His personal loss made him passionate about environmental impact. With security as escort. With security as escort Dr. Hardy and the Enviro Protectors disguise the Enviro as best as they could and took them on private tours of offshore oil rigs, the nuclear power plant, city electrical grid, a hydro dam, natural gas depot, recycle center, sewage and sanitation department, the city dump and fish farms through James secret connections. Dr. Hardy even managed to get blueprints of the plant or building and procedures on how to shut down in case of emergency. When they got back they gathered together to teach the Enviros how to close everything down.

Lastly they also made a few trips very early in the morning before most people were up to littered parks, roadsides, and alleyways, for hands-on experience in picking up and disposing trash. Unlike humans, the Enviros didn’t smell the stench and didn’t hesitate getting their hands dirty. James and the Enviro Protectors had a grin from ear to ear because they knew this was not all for nothing. They couldn’t wait to hear on the news when they got home of some activist plot.

Illustrated by: Jason Hendrickson