Charity hired a variety of scientists to train the Enviro in their specialties. They immediately knew the Enviro were not typical robots but figured there had to be some machinery inside the things, it was hard to tell they all wore a one-piece body suit. Dr. Daniel Mahoney’s field was Engineering and Robotics. Daniel’s anger at the establishment for firing him made him perfect for this mission. He drowned his sorrows at the local bars and picked up young women to satisfy his needs since he was newly divorced. His personal situation ensured no-one would miss him while he was at the camp. First he showed the Enviro a film on clothing stores and warehouses where they could find other full mannequins and body parts. He thought it was weird but brushed it off as Charity wanting the Enviro to learn about their origins. In the school’s workshop, Dr. Daniel Mahoney performed physicals on the Enviro. They had evolved into the most resilient human-like form to date. They were constructed of fibre-reinforced polymer that provided them with a long-term resistance to nearly every chemical and temperature environment. In other words, cold, heat, and moisture had minimal effect on them. They were fire and creep resistant, had an ultraviolet inhibitor over their “skin”, and they wouldn’t rust or corrode. The Enviro were lightweight but very strong. Hope was not just resistant; she was completely immune to external forces. All of them had nylon hair, and the resemblance of male or female genitals, but they varied greatly in colour, size, and shape. There were children, teenagers, and even pregnant looking Enviro. Of all the Enviro, Hope was the most stunning in appearance. Daniel showed them how to repair themselves using spare mannequin body parts. Enviros still came in sections, the lower torso, upper torso, legs, and arms. Whenever an Enviro got injured they were taken to Daniel who supervised the other Enviro in the repair. All except Hope, she was one complete unit. Daniel was at a loss to explain how the Enviros were even alive, if you could call it that. They had no internal organs and didn’t eat, drink, sleep, breathe, or reproduce. He didn’t realize that was their greatest asset, the fact that they didn’t require anything from the earth or other species to exist.

Illustrated by: Jason Hendrickson