And much to all of their surprise Farrah posed in all her outfits to have her designs show up in sexy lingerie magazines and she even hit the fashion show runway in her baby doll nightwear. Although Tracey guessed that she shouldn’t have been surprised because until the age of five Farrah use to run around naked in the house whenever she could, as she grew older she’d sunbath in the nude in the backyard after school when they were at work until a neighbor call and complained, and even now she walked around the house in her bra and panties half the time. Hmm, Tracey thought she was what they call an exhibitionist! Farrah and Paige both were tall, curvy, sexy, and had big boobs just like Tracey but unlike her daughters she didn’t want to flaunt her body she just was not comfortable with sexuality like her children obviously were.

Well the money was just pouring in but it wasn’t all a bed of roses they had to put up security fencing, put an alarm system in the house, and buy a guard dog. One day Paige was followed home from work by a drugged up customer and she would have been raped if Wade hadn’t just come home. And poor Quentin got beat up pretty bad when one of his regular client’s husband came home early from his trip and caught them in the act. So far the man hasn’t told anyone because he was as embarrassed as hell and so far he thought it only happen once and he had no clue there were others but what would happen if he confided in another neighbor? It would be like a house of cards falling! If they were smart enough they could realize that Quentin and Wade were both servicing the neighborhood wives on a regular basis. And well Farrah had been getting dirty emails on her website where she’s also selling her sexy clothing designs but she seemed to brush it off like it didn’t bother her in the least. So they were all a little on edge and Tracey had a family meeting to discuss options but for now they all wanted to leave things status quo. In fact the children talked about expansion they said that Tracey was just being an over protective mother!