Tracey’s other daughter Farrah, Paige’s twin was going in a different direction than her siblings. She has always been a bit of a homebody, cooking, cleaning, sewing but of all these so-called chores Farrah loved to sew so much that she went beyond sewing buttons or repair work she took sewing in school and every summer since she was twelve she took special fashion design classes through the local city college. First she learned the very basics like weaving, screen painting, and dyeing then she progressed to sketching, cutting fabric, and how to use a sewing machine. In the beginning they made tote bags, headbands, slippers, then t-shirts, skirts, pants, and vests and this year she could sew a whole dress, an entire outfit!

What Farrah wanted more than anything was to design her own line of clothes… something fairly unique that hadn’t been done to death and when she came by to see Paige’s store and saw the sexy outfits a light bulb went off in her head and after researching on the Internet she decided that she had even more creative, more original designs than in the masses and Paige promised if her designs were half decent she’d sell the clothes in her store and even help her advertise them. Tracey was so happy to see this venture bring the two girls even closer together if that’s possible. Watching her sketch was always a delight even if what she was drawing was x-rated and made Tracey blush a little. Farrah explained to her while drawing that leather, rubber, and silk were fabrics that had been used to death for sexy clothes but she was going to use  a lot more interesting and less used materials and label the three clothing lines Farrah’s Fur Designs, Farrah’s Feather Designs, and Farrah’s Fish Designs. For the fur designs she had fun ideas for sexy outfits like animals such a beaver, bear, zebra, giraffe, and leopard that had unique themes or distinctive patterned fur. In the case of her feather ideas Farrah was going to do a peacock, yellow canary, white swan, and black raven feather outfits. And last but not least Tracey thought her fish designs would be the hardest challenge. With shells and even fish skin itself Farrah was designing two outfits to start, a mermaid of course and a betta fish because of its numerous beautiful flowing fins and variety of colors.