Not to be out done by her brothers Paige had quite her own talent. Throughout the years she helped her mother hold three to four garage sales in the summer selling their old crap and even buying things for next to nothing at other garage sales and selling them at theirs for a healthy 100% profit. Paige was such a little entrepreneur it only seemed natural that she wanted to open up a tasteful sex shop in the popular strip mall in the next neighborhood. Both her brother’s front her start-up money to pay for two month’s rent for the store front and to buy merchandise. The family kept an eye in the newspaper for going out of business auctions where they bought dirt cheap shelving and display cases for her place.  Wanting to be more independent she thought up her own business name “Paige’s Pleasure Palace” and slogan “Be on the same Paige as your Partner!” Paige let Tracey help her pick out stock for her store from a wholesaler catalog that only businesses could order from, it was great fun and they bonded a lot giggling like two high school girls at some of the products, in a totally adult and professional way of course. Tracey had no clue how many types of dildos there were not just different sizes and colors but different options and styles too. Tracey didn’t have one herself…she was too embarrassed to walk into one of those stores and buy one so she used other means… well her electric tooth brush was handy, and well it was dual purposed but Paige wasn’t shy at all as she ordered dildos/vibrators, creams/foam/lotions, body glitter, edible underwear, G-strings, crotch-less underwear, open bust bras, full net body stockings, nipple/penis rings, books, games, porno movies, bondage items like whips and handcuffs, sexy outfits for play time like skimpy nurses uniform, playboy bunny, school girl, … well you get the picture. Both Wade and Quentin told their clients about her store getting them to buy things they could try out at their next appointment so Paige’s business boomed via word of mouth in a fifty mile radius around her store. In fact she supplied stock considered too bizarre for other stores to carry so she actually got business from all around the city once she advertised in the newspaper and sex magazines.  Paige was a young Donald Trump destined for huge success and her contribution to their household would ensure they never starved and that they could buy all the luxuries they want.