With a healthy attitude of brotherly competition Quentin came up with an equally brilliant idea and Wade lent him money to buy a truck for “Quentin’s Pool and Pump“ and the slogan “I’ll Blow Your Jets” which he laughed at and told them it was hot-tub terminology. For years now it had been Quentin’s chore at home to clean their own in- ground pool so he researched books and checked on-line to know how to properly clean and maintain the pool and hot tub which had now paid off.  In no time flat the clients poured in because his brother’s escapades spread by word of mouth and those women who couldn’t get Wade because his calendar was full jumped at the chance to hire Quentin. From the beginning he had been a big splash, forgive the pun and being twins he was every bit as handsome although a little less experienced than his brother which the women actually found charming because they found it sexy to teach him the tricks of the trade sort of speak. In a weird way Tracey was so proud of her boys work ethics, they actually got the real job done as well as the fringe benefits and their family was no longer in jeopardy of losing the house although food and spending money was still tight so Tracey’s girls were still adamant to contribute to the family income.