Now that their sexual status was established, their plan had mulled over in Tracey’s mind, and she thought of the financial crisis looming over their heads she finally decided to go along with their idea for the short-term at least. It was decided that Wade being the most experienced and having the most viable opportunity would be the first to try. Although he had no professional or educational training Wade had a natural talent of making their yard look like a million bucks and he loved doing it because he said it was not only physically challenging but he got to be creative. They sold a few valuables to buy a landscaping truck and tools for Wade and with all of them sitting around the kitchen table they helped him come up with the business name “Wade’s Mow and Mulch” and slogan “Your Ass is Grass!” He registered the small one-man operation and within three weeks he had gotten clients for a five block radius around their home. They lived in an upscale area where the neighborhood husbands work long hours and traveled often leaving their lonely, depressed, and bored wives behind. Many of them were flirtatious with Wade from the day he started doing their yard so it wasn’t such a leap to get them to take the next step.  His very first taker was Martha whose husband, the head of an international corporation was rarely home. Wade let a tear trickle down his cheek as he told her about missing his father and the money problems they were having and before he knew it he was in her house on her couch with a cold beer in his hand. His t-shirt was drenched with sweat from his labors and he causally removed it showcasing his six-pack abs and wiped himself off with it as he held the cold beverage up to his forehead. The sight of his young tanned, toned body was too much for her to stand and as Wade so adequately puts it she jumped his bones. Afterwards she gave him $100 dollar bill on top of his actual fee and mumbled an apology to which Wade replied he wanted to thank her for making him feel loved and for making him forget all his worries for a while. Now every Monday at the same time he “mowed her grass” but poor Wade had too much “trimming” to do at all his other jobs and tried to make it every two weeks but she refused and as a bribe gave him $500 a visit on top of his landscaping fee and bonus gifts such as jewelry, gift certificates, clothing items, and electronics which all his clients follow suit. Business was booming he worked from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. with fifteen minute breaks in between house calls to “recharge his batteries.” Wade was a regular energizer bunny!