When Tracey’s two set of twins first came to her last week she was appalled! Yes, they were in dire need of money, well actually desperate because even with two jobs since the main bread winner of the family her dear Hank died six months ago, they were only weeks away from losing the house, car, and boat. He was a top notch lawyer working for ten years for the same corporation making $175,000 a year but when it came time to take care of them the insurance company said because he committed suicide his death policy was voided. He didn’t off himself he just was careless when he mixed sleeping pills with pain killers for his back downing them with vodka. He had injured his back although Tracy had no clue how, he had a desk job and around the house he hired out any heavy work. Now that Tracey thought about it Hank just recently had trouble sleeping and started drinking semi-regular which worried her but it still didn’t mean he wanted to kill himself. Why would he, they had it all! On top of the boat they had ski-dos, water jets, and a large camper. The corporation sent a letter of condolences the bastards, the only one that came to the house was his loyal secretary, weeping and blaming herself for Hank’s untimely demise. Tracey had no idea why the pretty young thing thought she was to blame but she told her that she asked for extended leave because she was so upset and besides she was four months pregnant with twins and had nasty morning sickness all day long.

Tracey’s thoughts bounced all over the place she was getting a little off track but she had been under a lot of stress since her husband’s death. Hank and Tracey were together for twenty-one years and although they got married when she was five months pregnant that wasn’t the reason they got hitched, well not the only reason. They were in love and would have tied the knot sooner or later anyways. Now here Tracey was alone, with four kids trying to survive on serving yuppies their cappuccino at a coffee shop during the day and working at a motel at the front desk at night. So Tracey must admit after the kids hounding her for several days about their plan God forgive her but she actually began to consider it. Her son Wade had the savvy his father did and he would make a great lawyer one day because he could sure argue a case. The two boys Wade and Quentin were twenty and Farrah and Paige were nineteen and well you know girls mature fast. Much to Tracey’s shock none of her children were virgins, although between their parental talks and the school’s sex education program she thought it would have been enough to deter them but it did the exact opposite. They made an educated decision to have protected sex as if that should make her feel any better. Well it did a little and maybe Tracey was being a prude but nineteen and twenty seemed a little young to be having sex.