One by one the colors begin to fade from the world, first the bright yellow of the sun brings a feeling of horror as it suddenly snuff out like the flame of a candle, the blue clear sky pitches jet black making me dread what is to follow, the shamrock green grass beneath my feet is swept away and blends into a tidal wave of blackening landscape. My red brick house suddenly evaporates before my eyes into the terrifying darkness as I trip up the invisible stairs, grope for my orange door handle and tumble inside landing on the floor. I am unable to move as I see each of my possessions become lost as they are engulfed into the black abyss. Panic sets in as I hear blood curdling screams, heart-stopping crashes, pitiful cries of woe and I wonder if this is the end of the world or is it just a nightmare but my pounding heart, throbbing temple, and shortness of breath tells me this is real. Where is my family, my friends? Are they safe? I know I can’t stay on the floor forever but I don’t think my legs will support me… “Let me help you dear” a deep growl somewhere in the darkness behind me resounds and as a scream escapes my lips  razor-sharp claws excruciating dig into my back and on the edge of insanity I realize that the blackness… darkness is our new reality.