The brisk morning air rushes to greet me as I step out into the backyard

The newly built deck, a perfect blend of iron and wood

A touch of home with a wooden swing accompanies it

The beautiful gazebo commands attention at the back

A small white shed with vines decoratively climbing the walls

A Greek statue and majestic lion compliment the foliage

Flower beds and hanging bouquets adorn the whole arena


Birds of every size and color crowded at the feeder

Squirrels whose arrival there causes a feathery commotion

Our dog springs into action at this arrival causing even more chaos

Bees buzzing by in a quick appearance to the contrary

Wasps unwelcome swarming over food and drink alike

Dragonflies hovering over flowers and each other

Butterflies swirling together in a dance in the air


It is a snowy wonder in the winter

A watery tundra in the spring

A beautiful oasis in the summer

A colorful painting in the fall

It is always a beautiful symphony