ABSENCE OF COLOR – Chapter 4: WHITE (CH 1-6)

Angel White was an work acquaintance of Jay’s many times he had accompanied her to a home to retrieve children who were abused and more often than not Jay dealt with the angry combative parent(s) as Angel whisked the youth to safety. Well sometimes she had to haul a screaming child who punched and kicked at her afraid to go with her and afraid to leave because of death threats from the abuser.

She had been a social worker for two years now and she had seen more of human’s dark side, black side than she cared to but she felt like she was making a difference and she did manage to protect some children, not all but some. Angel met John when she had to testify on an abused child’s behalf and John was the prosecution. Within six months they were engaged and at the end of their first year together they were married. A year and a half into their marriage despite John’s insistence that they were ready for a baby and he really wanted one, Angel found herself dancing around the subject. She had seen and heard so many bad things that kids went through that she was afraid to bring her own into the world. Although she explained this to her husband, he pointed out that they weren’t abusive and that they had survived their childhoods. It wasn’t just that but Angel was concerned that she would be an over-protective mother to the point of smothering their children; she really did want at least two. And Angel knew that she would want to be at home with the child until he or she was in kindergarten so they had to look at their financial abilities as well which was the last thing her husband wanted to talk about he wanted to jump right in without what appeared to be much thought. So it was going on two years now and the subject was still in debate but Angel knew that she couldn’t hold John off that much longer.

When Angel was off of shift she left the darkness behind jumping into her white compact family car and escaping to the sanctuary of her white 4-bedroom ranch home in south-east Saskatoon which was perfect for children. It was no coincidence that they chose a family friendly neighborhood, she knew what John was doing and she just went along with it because she knew deep down that it was only a matter of time before her motherly instincts kicked into overdrive. As she pulled up her husband was relaxing watching television as their new white kitten Casper came to the door meowing her greeting. At the front entrance on the wall was a huge portrait of their wedding day that always made her smile, her beautiful white strapless wedding dress and John in his handsome white suit. Under the portrait on a small table there was a white vase always full of fresh white flowers that John bought her. Angel sighed gave him a kiss and stepped out their deck for a few minutes like she did every day after work. She couldn’t help it they had a dreamy backyard with a white picket fence, two-person white wood swing, and a large non-moveable white wood gazebo hardened in cement that had a pretty white patio set underneath it. She let the pure white vision wash over her trying to let the day’s events fade then Angel slowly went upstairs to have a shower in her serenely white bathroom. She slipped into her white nightshirt and housecoat and white fluffy slippers that Casper liked to attack when she walked. During the week they had easy quick meals, tonight she boiled some eggs and mixed them with mayonnaise to make egg salad sandwiches. For dessert she went into the freezer and pulled out the vanilla ice cream and put whipped cream on top. As her eyes got heavy in front of the television curled by beside her husband, Angel was looking forward to seeing her sister tomorrow for lunch; her little sister always cheered her up with her sunny disposition.

Illustrated by: Jason Hendrickson